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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 6:07:37 AM

Artist: TERRA
Title: EDEN
Source: beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY
Tags: Ryafuka Naoki Maeda Junko Karashima Konami
BPM: 200
Filesize: 3601kb
Play Time: 02:01
Difficulties Available:
  1. Neptune (6.16 stars, 548 notes)

Download: TERRA - EDEN
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Yes, rather than closing my heart, folding my wings and just praying and waiting,
I'll search for reality with all of my being so that I can be with you
When I've crossed over the darkness of distress and confusion so many times
To finally meet you, in the end ... that place will become my

"IRC mod" if that's how it's called

14:31 Neptune: hey you! :3
14:31 Neptune: could you test my new map?
14:31 Neptune: it's finished
14:32 Shikinotsu: I can
14:32 Shikinotsu: Gimme it
14:33 *Neptune is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1368395 TERRA - EDEN]
14:37 Shikinotsu: it plays ok
14:37 Neptune: nice play yeah :3
14:37 Neptune: anything you thought like
14:37 Neptune: ''ok that should go''
14:37 Shikinotsu: Yeah
14:38 Shikinotsu: gimme a sec
14:38 Neptune: i'm really trying to follow player perspective on this one
14:38 Shikinotsu: The note placement felt really random tho
14:38 Shikinotsu: I think it's because you lack aesthetics for the moment
14:38 Shikinotsu: The beginning is really fine
14:39 Shikinotsu: 00:31:195 (1) -
14:39 Neptune: yeah i agree though
14:39 Neptune: it doesnt look as pretty throughout the entire thing
14:39 Shikinotsu: This was the first thing that seemed strange to me
14:39 Shikinotsu: I didn't understood what sound this was representing
14:39 Neptune: haha in my head it was kinda like
14:39 Neptune: representing the way she pronounces that part
14:40 Neptune: with the cut offs
14:40 Neptune: probably makes no sense to anyone other than me lmao
14:40 Shikinotsu: Put the song at 25 %
14:40 Shikinotsu: There's no sound at the red tick
14:40 Shikinotsu: But yeah, that the first thing that soudned weird tro me
14:40 Shikinotsu: So
14:41 Shikinotsu: About aesthetics
14:41 Neptune: it's it guitar on the red tick?
14:41 Shikinotsu: Ok i understood why it was strange
14:41 Shikinotsu: 00:30:295 (1,2) -
14:41 Shikinotsu: Listen at the very start of these sliders
14:41 Shikinotsu: The 1
14:42 Shikinotsu: Is a "boom"
14:42 Shikinotsu: Idk the instrument name
14:42 Neptune: ahh
14:42 Shikinotsu: And the start of the 2 is a "tchak"
14:42 Neptune: better represented by a circle
14:42 Neptune: drums probably
14:42 Neptune: and electrical guitar would be the tchak
14:42 Neptune: is my gfuess
14:42 Shikinotsu: That's why I think it sounds weird to me
14:42 Shikinotsu: Because afterwards the slider & circle doesn't follow this rule
14:43 Shikinotsu: 00:31:645 (2,4,1) -
14:43 Shikinotsu: You could align the slider with the circle
14:43 Neptune: haha i have an old mapper heart
14:43 Neptune: i sometimes work around vocals
14:43 Neptune: and neglecting instruments
14:43 Neptune: like in four seasons of loneliness there's tons of that
14:43 Neptune: you're absolutely right
14:44 Shikinotsu: But it wasn't obvious to me as I played it
14:44 Neptune: what would be your advice for that part
14:44 Neptune: remove the reverses?
14:44 Shikinotsu: The 00:31:645 (2,4,1) -
14:44 Shikinotsu: ?
14:45 Neptune: yeah
14:45 Neptune: i repeat that 3 times
14:45 Shikinotsu: nah
14:45 Shikinotsu: just
14:46 Shikinotsu: 00:35:545 (2,4) - Why aren't these stacked ? :p
14:46 Shikinotsu: Or is that intentionnal
14:46 Neptune: oops
14:46 Neptune: haha
14:46 Neptune: hmm
14:46 Shikinotsu: https://puu.sh/x0vQl/9cf69ba168.png
14:46 Neptune: i dont think i put much thought behind it
14:47 Neptune: they probably didn't ''click'' into eachother (so mb) when i mapped them haha
14:48 Shikinotsu: 00:41:095 (1) -
14:48 Shikinotsu: I think you should rotate this slider
14:48 Neptune: ctrl+h or ctrl+g?
14:48 Shikinotsu: Ctrl r
14:49 Shikinotsu: and -40
14:49 Shikinotsu: for example
14:49 Shikinotsu: Because the end of the slider lead the player to think the next note is upward
14:49 Shikinotsu: but it's not
14:50 Shikinotsu: 00:42:295 (1,2,1,2,1,2) -
14:50 Shikinotsu: This part is really strange
14:50 Shikinotsu: The pattern look the same
14:50 Shikinotsu: A straight slider with a circle
14:50 Shikinotsu: But each one is different
14:51 Shikinotsu: The first one has the circle in the opposite direction of the slider
14:51 Shikinotsu: And the second has it in the same direction
14:51 Shikinotsu: And the third one has it in a completly different direction
14:51 Shikinotsu: Maybe define one rule, and apply it to each of these pattern
14:52 Neptune: ahhh yeah
14:52 Neptune: didn't expect that pattern to be troublesome
14:52 Neptune: it makes sense though
14:52 Neptune: what you're saying
14:52 Neptune: i think i kinda intended to like
14:52 Neptune: play with the way she pronnounced the words
14:52 Neptune: in that verse
14:52 Neptune: the syllables
14:53 Shikinotsu: That didn't appear to me as i played it
14:53 Neptune: she kinda ''cuts'' the words (if that's the right way to put it)
14:53 Neptune: and i extend that into a jump pattern
14:53 Neptune: but i think you mean it doesnt flow well into the jump pattern
14:53 Neptune: or well enough?
14:53 Shikinotsu: The jump pattern didn't bothered me as i played it
14:53 Shikinotsu: So it's okay
14:54 Shikinotsu: Maybe what you could've done to prepare the player to the jump pattern
14:54 Shikinotsu: Is space the circle with the slider more at each new pattern
14:54 Shikinotsu: So the player new a sort of "climax" is coming
14:54 Shikinotsu: know*
14:54 Neptune: oh yes i agree
14:54 Shikinotsu: And then the jump pattern will feel better
14:54 Neptune: the song also goes like that
14:55 Neptune: builds up into a climax
14:55 Shikinotsu: It also works because the volume of her voice is increasing
14:55 Shikinotsu: In these patterns
14:55 Neptune: 00:54:745 (2,3,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3) -
14:55 Neptune: like here
14:55 Shikinotsu: or he pitch
14:55 Neptune: here's a nice way how she builds up the intensity with the song
14:55 Neptune: i will defenitely change what you said
14:55 Neptune: gradually increase in spacing
14:55 Neptune: that would flow really nicely i assume
14:55 Shikinotsu: 00:45:145 (2,3) - I think you should swap these two circles
14:56 Shikinotsu: It flow better, and it doesn't break the things around it
14:56 Neptune: ctrl g on those?
14:56 Shikinotsu: Yup
14:56 Neptune: hmm
14:56 Neptune: it's just a question
14:56 Neptune: but
14:56 Neptune: isn't it bad that it would like
14:57 Neptune: change the spacing
14:57 Neptune: i generally try to strive for
14:57 Shikinotsu: (Keep in mind all of these are only my opinions)
14:57 Neptune: 1,5x for red ticks
14:57 Neptune: 2.0x for white ticks
14:57 Neptune: it would make the stack 2.0x away as a red tick i think
14:57 Neptune: maybe rotate the stack+slider then?
14:57 Neptune: not sure
14:57 Neptune: i like the input though
14:58 Shikinotsu: This flow strangely
14:58 Neptune: it makes me consider things i didnt before
14:58 Shikinotsu: the slider make me think the next not will be right
14:58 Shikinotsu: But then it's left
14:58 Shikinotsu: So, i don't know
14:58 Shikinotsu: 00:51:895 (1,2,1,2,3,1) - You did the same thing again
14:59 Shikinotsu: I think you intended something with the slider + circle pattern
14:59 Neptune: haha yeah
14:59 Neptune: but as i mapped it
14:59 Neptune: i thought the cross jump
14:59 Neptune: worked really well for the vocals
14:59 Neptune: i tried to make a similiar jump for it
14:59 Neptune: but i stuck with the cross one
14:59 Neptune: maybe i should cross the sliders too?
14:59 Neptune: :thinking:
15:00 Neptune: it's just rough draft
15:00 Shikinotsu: I don't understand what you mean tho
15:00 Neptune: maybe something like this?
15:00 Shikinotsu: :l
15:00 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8751774
15:00 Shikinotsu: Oh yeah, this could work
15:00 Neptune: 00:53:095 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) -
15:00 Neptune: these are like
15:00 Neptune: X X X
15:01 Neptune: so i prepare with the sliders
15:01 Neptune: in a way?
15:01 Shikinotsu: Yes
15:01 Shikinotsu: It can work
15:01 Shikinotsu: Great idea
15:01 *Neptune highfives you
15:01 Neptune: awesome
15:02 Shikinotsu: Here's a small detail that can make a huge difference
15:02 Shikinotsu: 00:59:095 (1,2,3) -
15:02 Shikinotsu: Line up these slider
15:03 Shikinotsu: It could play very well, but because these are not line, this pattern doesn't play and look great
15:03 Shikinotsu: lined up*
15:04 Neptune: should i stack
15:04 Neptune: (3)
15:04 Neptune: into the slider of (1)?:
15:04 Neptune: like so?
15:04 Shikinotsu: I don't think
15:04 Neptune: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8751796
15:04 Shikinotsu: It will be harder to read
15:04 Neptune: or would that be too confusing
15:04 Shikinotsu: Just line them up
15:04 Neptune: yeah
15:04 Neptune: how would you fix that?
15:04 Shikinotsu: Your map don't have any overlap element
15:04 Shikinotsu: So it would be confusing to add one randomly
15:05 Shikinotsu: As it was before
15:05 Neptune: ahhh
15:05 Shikinotsu: Slitghly to the right of the (1)
15:05 Shikinotsu: Just make the (2) slider follow the same direction as (1) and (3)
15:05 Shikinotsu: 01:14:695 (1,2) - Line these slider too
15:07 Neptune: you mean
15:07 Neptune: make them all play upwards?
15:07 Shikinotsu: No
15:07 Shikinotsu: try to overlap them
15:07 Shikinotsu: You'll see they aren't the same slider
15:07 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8751820
15:07 Neptune: or like so?
15:07 Shikinotsu: Jsut wait a second
15:08 Neptune: haha sorry im trying my best to replicate what you mean
15:08 Neptune: not really managing i think xD
15:08 Shikinotsu: No problem
15:08 Shikinotsu: https://puu.sh/x0wyI/1c4fbb888d.png
15:08 Shikinotsu: These slider are not the same
15:08 Shikinotsu: When i overlap them, you can see they does not overlap perfectly with each other
15:09 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8751837
15:09 Neptune: how about this?
15:09 Shikinotsu: The pattern was fine
15:21 Shikinotsu: Hey
15:21 Shikinotsu: Sry internet crashed
15:21 Neptune: haha no problem :3
15:22 Shikinotsu: https://puu.sh/x0x0N/91d7bc9de5.png
15:22 Shikinotsu: For the pattern we were talkign about
15:22 Shikinotsu: that's what i meant
15:22 Shikinotsu: The same pattern
15:22 Shikinotsu: Just with the '2) linedu p with the others
15:23 Shikinotsu: v01:34:945 (4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - The spacing here is strange
15:23 Shikinotsu: I think i udnerstood
15:24 Shikinotsu: You should start to decrease the spacing around here 01:34:945 (4,1,2) -
15:24 Neptune: i think i get your vibe now
15:24 Neptune: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8751968
15:24 Neptune: would that work?
15:25 Shikinotsu: Mhh
15:25 Shikinotsu: yes
15:26 Neptune: yay :3
15:26 Neptune: alright
15:27 Neptune: yeah i liked the pattern you just pointed out
15:27 Neptune: it came to be randomly and i stuck with it
15:27 Neptune: so i should
15:27 Neptune: move 01:35:095 (1,2,3,4) -
15:27 Neptune: closer to
15:27 Neptune: 01:34:945 (4) -
15:27 Neptune: ?
15:27 Shikinotsu: 01:46:045 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - Why is the pattern different from 01:07:645 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5,6) -
15:27 Shikinotsu: And for your question
15:27 Shikinotsu: The pattern is okay
15:27 Shikinotsu: But the spacing is weird
15:27 Neptune: oh for versatility
15:27 Shikinotsu: The 01:35:695 (1,2,3,4) - is descreasing in spacing
15:27 Neptune: else it would be too copy pasta
15:28 Shikinotsu: Alright
15:28 Neptune: i swapped around the spaced stream for 3 kicksliders
15:28 Shikinotsu: So
15:28 Shikinotsu: the 01:35:695 (1,2,3,4) - is descrasign in spacing
15:28 Shikinotsu: where 01:35:095 (1,2,3,4) - has no defined one
15:29 Shikinotsu: /log
15:39 Shikinotsu: Sorry
15:39 Shikinotsu: Internet crash again
15:40 Shikinotsu: I don't see anything else that seems weird to me
15:40 Neptune: poor you
15:40 Neptune: must be super frustrating
15:40 Shikinotsu: :/
15:40 Shikinotsu: you have no idea
15:41 Shikinotsu: This took a while, so i'm probably gonna post this on the forum
15:41 Neptune: alright :3 i took notes and i'll look into your suggestions more in-depth after a little break
15:41 Shikinotsu: If that doesn't bother you
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