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For perspective, I just passed 900pp, my play time is 43hrs, and my accuracy is around 87%. Is that abnormally bad?
The thing is, I don’t care much about accuracy or scores. I like fast and difficult (at least from my pov) maps (so maps with high bpm/hard patterns but low HP drain), and I always push myself to beat maps with higher stars; my highest now is 6.03, so I mostly play maps with 5~6 stars, and with sensitivity up to 1.8 (so I may have developed some bad habits). I can beat most 4-star maps with in one go, but mostly scoring B (or C). Also, I mostly play songs that I’m familiar with, so I have a relatively small pool of maps. I was fine with that, but I recently noticed that most good players had an acc of like 99%, so I’m worried I’m doing something absurdly wrong. Any tips? (I don’t want to have to practice on slow, 3/4-star maps unless I absolutely have to fix something.)

Also, I recently started to notice my pp. I’m not going to ‘farm’ or care too much about pp, but it’s nice to see it going up as a indicator of my performance. However, it’s too inconsistent (6-star C or 5-star B gives none while some 4-star Bs give over 10pp). Is it related to my playing style/accuracy and can I improve it (Or should I just ignore it?)

Additionally, any fun, fast maps in the 6~7 star range? (Preferably with low HP.)
If you don't care about pp and are having fun doing what you are doing, act means nothing to you. If you want to get a high rank (good pp) and want to make significant improvement, you'd better start working on your acc now. If says a good acc to aim for is 97+
Every noob plays 6*+ maps. But if you want to get better, play maps within your skill level. Within your skill level = maps that you can or can almost full combo, preferable with 97%+ accuracy.
what floats your boat. i don't mind acc either and i'm pretty happy with it. just gotta fc harder maps than the others then or add hd or something to compensate a bit.
If you're just playing for fun, then do anything what you want.
If you want to improve and git gud, I would suggest to start focusing on accuracy and playing maps that are in your comfortable range.
If you actually want to get good quickly scrap that habit of playing hard songs you can barely play, mashing your keyboard while hovering randomly and thinking you're good for managing to keep the HP bar up for the entire map
it's okay to play like that as long as you enjoy it, but if you bother about improving or even gaining pp ever so slightly, then you need to at least start to care about full combo-ing stuffs
as long as you are below 1k pp, everything you do is going to help you in some way or another (with the potential of developing bad habits)
but remember, this is a rhythm game, and accuracy usually reflects on how rhythmically correct you are, so you might want to work on it because you will do it sooner or later anyways, and it's always easier to train rhythm sense from the beginning than trying to change how you play after you get used to it
but ultimately, plz enjoy game
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If you're concerned about accuracy, then you wouldn't be playing those 6 star maps. But since you are, don't worry about it for now.
High Star maps, Low Rank, Bad Accuracy OR Low Star maps, Low Rank, Good Accuracy

You can only pick one
Star rating?

Ye old osu mania
Acc it's related to Reading. Work on acc can make you understand how to play the game properly. Then you can choice what you want to play and improve faster even playing 8* songs. Doing it now you're not working on probably the most important skill.
Play the easier maps (2*) where you miss "randomly" and try to understand how play any of those maps without miss.
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