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The Registrations starts at 26th of July 20:00 GMT and close on the 31th of July at 20:00 GMT
The contest begins on the 31th of July at 20:00 GMT and will end on the 11th of August at 20:00 GMT

Open for registrations
registrations are now closed

osu!Kpop Mapping Contest

Hi! We are the osu!kpop community and we are happy to announce our first kpop mapping contest! Our goal is to promote kpop as well as discover new and talented mappers, as well as spread and share our love for the korean culture. All the information regarding organization, prizes and possible questions including the contest rules can be found below.

We are osu!kpop community, which is currently a relatively small Discord server where we, fellow kpop fans, gather to discuss various kpop news, events as well have a bit of a general chat with friends and talk about mapping various things. Long story short, we love kpop and we want to share the love with others as well as spread our love and get new kpop fans to join us along the way.

This, however, is quite hard to achieve as kpop is not often talked about and there is only a very small number of kpop songs being ranked these days. Therefore, we decided to run a kpop mapping contest. Our goals are simple, we love kpop and we want to share that love.

  1. Register as a Judge applicant or as a Contestant through the link in the "Registration" section. Once you send your submission you will be given an invitation to the osu!kpop community server, The server will keep you up to date and offer you all the information you need, also it will allow you to meet the osu!kpop community.
  2. The base .osz file will be released at the beginning of the contest at this specific date 31th of july 20:00 GMT. The link to the .osz will only be available to those in the discord server.
  3. As soon as the .osz file is release the contestants have a total of 12 days period to map a single difficulty.
  4. The contestants must name their difficulty according to her/his osu! user name, this will help us identify your mapset
  5. Once the contestants finish mapping their map, they should send their individual .osu file of the map they created to me (Lilyanna) via osu! PM's.
  6. After the 12 days period has ended, no more entries will be accepted. Judges will be given anonymous .osz sets and they will make their scores based on the Judging Criteria.
  7. The judges won't be picking top 3 or a winner , they will pick top 5 best entries and from there those top 5 will go through a voting system from the community, we will announce the top 5 mapper's name and map and we will release a poll in which you can vote.
  8. Once the voting period has finished, I'll announce the results of the top 3 entries by releasing them to the public.

  1. The difficulty have to be logical the map should match the Ranking Criteria.
  2. No collaboration with other contestants or other people outside of the contest - this is an individual work, you must show your own skills.
  3. Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline to be fair with everyone.
  4. Custom hitsounds outside of the provided ones are prohibited - we want your maps to be judged equally, therefore any custom hitsounds outside of the provided ones are not allowed.
  5. Changing the mp3 or timing of the .osz is prohibited since you will be submitting .osu - changing the mp3 or timing can cause confusion while judging and going through the map.
  6. The osu!Standard Ranking Criteria and General Ranking Criteria are in effect for this contest. The winner’s map will be pushed to ranked, hence the Ranking Criteria plays an important role in order to rank the mapset.
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this contest and what is osu!kpop?
    osu!kpop community is a discord server which gathers up kpop fans including mappers and players from osu! We are aiming to make the kpop mappers stand out amongst the osu! community.
    Keep in mind this is a unofficial mapping contest!
  2. Did I have to be a part of the server before this got announced to enter?
    Not at all! This contest is open for everyone!
  3. What is the song, is it going to be long?
    The song will be revealed with the start of the contest it’s obviously a kpop song, and it’s going to be a typical kpop song length, it'll be around 3 min!
  4. How does this contest work?
    You only have to map a single difficulty. It can be any difficulty you like. After that done you send over the .osu files to me. Everything is then compiled and judged!
  5. Can you make a Mania/Taiko/CTB map?
    No! this contest is only for the osu!std mode only!
  6. Can you collaborate with other mappers?
    No you cannot collab this is an individual work. (this also mean don't copy other maps)
  7. Can I use my own custom hitsounds?
    No! The reason for this is because the entries are submitted in the .osu format. You may only use custom hitsounds provided by us in the contest .osz!
  8. What are the prizes?
    The top 3 are going to receive supporters, and the first place mapset will get a mod from a tier 1 Beatmap Nominator I will also try my hardest to provide a profile
    .badge to the winner, but nothing's confirmed yet!

    -1st Place - 4 months of supporter
    -2nd Place - 2 months of supporter
    -3rd Place - 1 month of supporter

Contestants and Judges Applicants:

• Click this link to register: Here
Complete the form as a Judge Applicant if you want to apply as a judge. You MUST of course have experience in mapping. The amount of ranked maps you have doesn't matter, you don't even need a ranked set to apply as a judge, experience is what matters the most. We encourage everyone with a reasonable level of experience and motivation to apply as a judge, unless you are willing to join as a contestant.
Complete the form as a Contestant if you want to apply as a contestant.

Follow the link at the end of the application to reach the osu!kpop community server link, the server will provide you enough information you need for the contest.
-If you want to join the osu!Kpop community please fill out the forum as a Community member.

NOTE: Even if you are already in the osu!kpop community server you still have to complete the forum to register for the contest!

Important Information

- osu!kpop Mapping Contest Here
- osu!kpop Mapping Contest Information Here
- osu!Kpop Mapping Contest Rules Here
- osu!Kpop Mapping Contest Judging Criteria Here

All of these will be posted in the #announcements channel in the osu!kpop community discord server!

Contest organised by Lilyanna,
Firetruck, Xiaolin, Bakari and [ M I N A K O ]
with the help of C00L and Zexous
No ctb once again sad times :(

Pulse wrote:

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good luck here~
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Cerulean Veyron wrote:

I hope it's not feminism

I support this > < !
주모 케이팝 한 사발 말아오이소 > < !
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It seems funny! XD

i applied before the deadline, why did i not get in?
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Anymore later?
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