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Fushimi Rio

Myxomatosis wrote:


a lot of streams in this map have very underwhelming hitsounding, because you are just using drum hitnormals to highlight sounds which have almost no audible difference to soft hitnormals when the music is loud. examples: 01:30:693 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - 01:35:057 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4) - 01:38:330 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - and more. would be nice if you can do something with drum additions or normal sampleset there.
most of these samples were used for reflecting the pitch changes, and to make a ...momentum? idk how to describe it, just to make the stream sounds gradually more powerful, which fits the pitch well.
and except the last example. it is because that stream was actually following a new drum track.
besides hitsounds may have different effect with different equipment. because to my earphone these drum samples works well...

  1. 00:40:856 (3,4,5,1) - why is there no hitsounding to support the drums here, sounds empty yeah, kind of empty. i tried the drum sample but it feels overemphasized to me. i guess different ppl got different standards then.
  2. 00:42:308 (4,5,1,2) - same here save above
  3. 01:12:489 - the pause from here on feels too long, since there is still piano beats in the music that you are usually following. if you don't wanna follow the piano sounds here 01:13:170 - you could try following the echo at 01:12:761 - and 01:13:034 - adding something to following the echo could be a good idea. if Krotyz thinks it's necessary i'll make this change.

i'd like to see the 1/6 introduction in the highest diff and the hitsounding in rio's diff to get fixed before this goes to rank
and sorry for my stupid caps
just to be safe: are you using default skin's samples to judge the hitsounding? because i don't think you can really hear the difference between default soft and drum hitnormal at this volume, but okay

also, related to the last point: if you think it'd be better with the echo mapped, why do you need to ask kroytz?
DQing for the ongoing discussion regarding the hitsounds in Rio's MAXIMUM. Ideally that last point should also be addressed if you agree with it.
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Did this really get DQ’d over a hitsound? and no I don’t think adding a hitsound for echos is necessary. Rio said he wanted to do hitsounding on his own as he has his own style for it that’s much different from mine and I’m like okay brother, do as you wish. He’s competent enough to know what he’s doing and this song has a lot of avenues for creative hitsounding than just the typical 1:1 stuff. Regardless of the volumes, softs and drums are by definition different, just because they aren’t audibly noticeable doesn’t mean they aren’t different from each other.

@-Mo - ??

-Mo- wrote:

DQing for the ongoing discussion regarding the hitsounds in Rio's MAXIMUM. Ideally that last point should also be addressed if you agree with it.
Are you fucking kidding me? what the fucking fuck
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I’ve seen some bad DQs but man, this is probably the worst I’ve seen yet lmao. Hardly a discussion even going on. I’ll look to get this renominated immediately. Thanks for your ‘concerns’ tho xd
alice soft
^lmao just chill and talk the hitsound part out with concerned peeps, fix it or not, then requalify and rank. Why you being a crybaby like you wanted it ranked on your mother's bday or smth if it can still get ranked some days later.
>DQing a map for no reason other than a subjective "ongoing discussion" with no solid or presented reason. wat.
thats why i like modv1 honestly. hard to explain and write opinions about map and somthing probs If its modv2 :>

gl on reranking, i hope it gets ranked asap!
third time's the charm right
lol so real 2k18
what's unjustified here now? rio said they want to fix the last point, also the map was on the 7th day and the hitsounding still needs to be discussed further. stop treating disqualifications like the end of the world

Myxomatosis wrote:

stop treating disqualifications like the end of the world
said the QAT looooooool
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I don’t mind DQs, but this is over a hitsound lmao. Let that sink for a minute
um, if you guys don't like this disqualification
01:34:716 (4) - you missed hitnormal here noobrio
Fushimi Rio
Ofc I could hear the difference. I just thought drum sample would be nice in these places.
And for most changes before I would discuss with Kroytz in game. This time I did not yet so I'd like to know his opinion then.

fixed and fk u noob
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Changes were made to Rio's hitsounding
Ready to go again I guess :p
alright then, still think the hitsounding sounds empty at those parts but if this is really your intention it's not a big deal for me.
how many times has this map been disqualified lmao
ok, now that it seems the vetoing party is satisfied (to an extent) with the explanation of the hitsounding (and/or lack thereof in some cases), and since there's no other ongoing discussion regarding the map, i'm gonna go ahead and rebubble this so we can all move on with our lives
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