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[Archived] Some skins give noticeably increased input lag.

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Problem Details:

Some skins give noticeably increased input lag and cursor FPS drops.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: ...

osu! version: 20170616.1 (latest)
hmm, the numbers tell us that they both should technically the same. Maybe the other skin has some optical elements which make you think that you are feeling input lag.
My solution for that one would be to take a skin that feels good (like the first one you used for yourself) and replace the elements you dont like with the elements of the other skin. If you even take it as far as trying it out element by element you might even find out which thing causes the felt lag.
Use Skin without @2x.png (is a HD Elements, double size files), this make a input lags for low system. Pick other Skin your like and delete all @2x.png in the skin folder. Use cursor.png with less transparent outside. (Without glow effect) :)
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