LK blue/red vs. Cherry red

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Due to the 1click-2letter-issue I have to switch my razer blackwidow for a new keyboard.

thought about a corsair k70 (red switch)
since it seems to be popular among osu! - players


The Bloody b740A (LK blue switch)
cause opticals and durability


the bloody b820 with LK reds, but since I never saw a shop in europe with them I guess I can forget it)

What are your thoughts/experiences?
Maybe you know where i could get LK reds in europe preferably with german layout?
Do maybe other keyboards got the LK reds? Just saw the b820 in amazon US with them
Myke B
I like the k70 because it's lighter to the press with reds. It becomes more useful later when you're doing fast triples or doubles back to back to back, and especially for streaming out of things later in like 6*+
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Do you have a keyboard with LKs for comparison?
Ik that reds are nice, but im looking for a comparison to decide whats better.
The b740 is around 50€ cheaper, so if its better or at the same level why dont choose this?
personal reference
you have to test the key yourself to see which one is the one for you
LKs are better on paper but sadly I have no idea on how the "feel" of the switches may be since that is highly subjective. I can however tell you that the Bloody A4Tech KB probably has less input lag.
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After I did some research I found out the only downside of the LKs seem to be an actuation force of 60g instead of 45 for the mx reds, I wonder if it's noticeable
60g and 45g are pretty big difference in keyboard just saying
but it's personal preference in the end
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