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zhu's std/taiko modding queue

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Open for NM & M4M. M4M obviously takes priority. M4M :
P.S. If you do nitpicking mods you will get nitpicking mods in return.
SeaRasp Nm I guess but I'll mod your map eventually since you posted in my queue so kinda m4m...

nm prefered but can be m4m if needed (not the best modder)
NM (I'm not that exp in modding and your top diff already looks pretty good)
Need mods that are not audio file related xD.
(You will probably not have a chance to write fix blanket. At least on my diffs)
Amamiya Yuki-
Hi NM Required

Thanks in advance <3
Type of request: NM
Title: Let Me Hit It
Artist: Sporty-O
Genre: Dubstep
Length: 31s
Amount of difficulties: 4
Highest difficulty: 3,66*

My first map going to rank
if m4m, should i do it first or are you?
Type of request - NM, you can pick 2 or 3 diffs if you want, no need to mod all.
Artist - Sokoninaru
Artist Unicode - Can't in this computer sry
Title - Tenohira de Odoru
Title Unicode - Can't in this computer sry
Source - none
Length - The number pi 3.14
BPM - 215
Genre - Math rock I guess
Submitted Date - 30 April 2018
Last Updated Date - 22 January 2019
Difficulty count - 6
Top difficulty SR - 7.3
Lowest difficulty SR - 2.1
Number of Modders that modded your map currently - I don't know how to exactly count but around 7 or 8
Reasons why i should mod your map - Well I think I'm a fairly known mapper but due to always being busy with something else I rarely got to rank my maps. Despite mapping since 2010 I barely have 7 ranked maps. I'm really busy with work but I still wanna rank more maps this year.
Your 3 favorite mappers and their best maps - Oof it's really hard to answer this. Dunno about maps but I like Nyquill, NatsumeRin, Mythol etc cause they defined my style
H i r o k i
- HellBird -
Hello there!
NM request
Thanks in advance!
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