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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 2:09:26 PM

Artist: Triple Bounce
Title: Magic Melody (Nightcore Mix)
Source: Nightcore III
Tags: wcx19911123 BounceBabe
BPM: 164.22
Filesize: 4268kb
Play Time: 02:28
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (2 stars, 141 notes)
  2. Insane (4.89 stars, 409 notes)
  3. Normal (3.23 stars, 188 notes)
  4. wcx's Hard (4.86 stars, 384 notes)

Download: Triple Bounce - Magic Melody (Nightcore Mix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
2nd Nightcore map and also my 10th map! I hope you enjoy this too <3
Thank you wcx19911123 for the nice Hard diff!
Thank you BounceBabe for the nice SB you made for me :3
Thank you Outrunner for the mp3 fix :3

[Easy] 100%
[Normal] 100%
[wcx's Hard] 100%
[Insane] 100%

Offset: 1060

Done so far;)
full submited~
thanks :D

too short too short too short~~~
better mp3 ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?5veyolq6xf9v55t

BPM: 164.22
Offset: 1004

Good luck with this :) .
thanks very much. I have asked a couple of players to find the better quality. and here it is from my romanian friend <3 hope that someday you will want to start mapping
Here we go... since you've got a >> SB << now, remove "Letterbox during breaks"
Just copy everything from the "SB" folder into your mapfolder ;3 - Don't forget to full submit.

Good luck ♥
accept a normal diff? .
sure! but be aware, I might not add it if it's not good or if I won't like it :D

Tony wrote:

sure! but be aware, I might not add it if it's not good or if I won't like it :D
okay :P
You're so hardworker <3 Thanks alot :D

This message is too short!
You should add wcx19911123 and bouncebabe in tags

00:17:810- New combo cuz highest combo *-*
01:45:497- ^
00:21:281- NC? I dont know or here 00:23:656-
01:51:343- ^

Pretty nice diff <3
You used rhythms like this very much: 01:03:846 (1) - I mean, with this way, this easy looks really boring <_< what about using something like this http://puu.sh/69L0
Where is the kiai part o.o Needs a kiai I think.
And some whistle suggestions:
00:46:674 (2) - %60 whistle at the beginning and the ending
00:52:519 (2) - ^
00:59:827 - %65 whistle
01:00:558 - ^

This diff sounds too silent to me <_< Maybe use hitnormal for silent parts (I mean no-sound parts)
Plus same long sliders here too. They are boring ;_;

That's what I'm talking about hitsounds. well used hitnormals.
02:15:092 (5) - x: 328 y:68 ?

Okay you know what I said about hitsounds (especially hitnormal) anyways.
02:31:533 - set volume to %5 like you did in normal diff.

I think that's all. Nice song, good luck~
Hey there,Tony!

I'm really not sure if adding SB maker's nickname to Tags is neccessary
Personally I don't mind - just make sure it's allowed

Also,countdown doesn't work - disable it?

Otherwise seems good~

00:03:927 (3) - I'd extend it to the next white tick.White or blue - both fit,but white tick would be better,as it's the easiest difficulty.
00:09:773 (3) - ^ Again,and personally,white sounds even better.
00:30:233 (3) - Honestly,I was expecting this repeat at 00:30:781,but I guess it's alright,as it's an Easy..
00:56:538 (2,3,1) - A bit nazi,but maybe change the placement of the objects to make 00:58:000 (1) symmetrical?
01:31:614 (6) - Extend to white tick?
01:36:363 - Hm,a bit weird space,as there's a beat in music,though it's readable.But I'd suggest to add a note here too.

Setting are totally similar to Easy' ones,except the circle size ._.
Is it okay? I mean,maybe reduce HP Drain/OD in Easy then?
Anyway I'd like AR +1 here.

00:03:926 (5) - Well,as in Easy,personally,I like white tick much more,but it's up to you.
01:04:942 (3,4,5,6,1) - Make a pentagon shape out of these?

Nothing major here~

[wcx's Hard]
00:53:251 (4) - A bit odd,I'd remove this repeat and place a circle (00:53:616) in the center of the field.

Otherwise it's just great!

00:06:849 (1,2,3) - Mirror it to the different side? Cause it's a bit close to previous object,though I read it well.
00:12:695 (1,2,3) - I remember I had a map with symmetrical sliders using different slider speed.Someone told me it's not allowed,so you should ask for bat's opinion about this.
00:18:541 (1,2,3) - ^ Nice slider shape btw ;)
00:28:588 - Hm,I feel like a note is missing here.It should follow these lyrics.
00:32:059 (8) - Nazi,but 1 grid right and down looks better.
00:46:126 (4,5,6,7,8,9) - Ah,I should stop being nazi,but it looks odd to me :/ I mean,maybe make some pattern using all 6 circles and not stacking the "useless" one?
00:50:328 (8) - Few grids down to avoid overlapping with the next slider?
01:08:048 - Missing a note?
01:23:576 (3,4,5,6,7) - Hm,and now I'd suggest to use a pattern like you did at 00:46:126 (4,5,6,7,8,9) :D
01:45:315 (4,5,6,7) - Again,use some kind of diamond/square shape?
02:24:043 (6,7,8) - Place them in one line?

That's it!
I haven't seen your maps for a while,dude,but this one is really,REALLY nice
Keep on the good work~
long time no see IceBeam! As always I received great mod from you :3 Hope that I'm gonna rank that BAD apple pretty soon(?) :)
General stuff
— Is 'Nightcore III" an album title? If so, remove it from source field; it never contains album title

01:06:769 (1) - why there is a clap? It should be on the third beat, at the beginning of this slider: 01:07:499 (2) - (then remove it from slider's end). You may also use whistle on 01:06:769 (1) -
01:08:961 (3) - add clap here

00:42:655 (1) - place it actually in the center; move a lil' bit up
01:04:942 (3,4,5,6) - make these finishes more quiet
01:38:921 (3,4) - repeating slider instead of these? Don't know if this is a good idea
02:06:689 (1) - and so on — hey, I remember you have claps on second and fourth beats on Easy. Sounds cooler

00:04:018 (4) - add whistle for slider's end
00:06:484 (6) - ^
And soooooo on, moments like these
00:23:565 (1) - uncomfortable for me
00:24:387 (8) - break after it?
01:25:859 (4) - whistle for slider's end
01:53:535 (1) - what if you start it right after the stream?
02:29:158 (1,2) - cool

00:15:435 (1,2,3) - it's just me, but I never like wide-spaced streams and triplets
01:06:769 (3) - something undefined. Either make its beginning more 'straight' or remove this red anchor
01:09:692 (4,6) - though I'm not sure you should try, but anyway, take a loooook
01:18:461 (1,2,1,2,1) - hm. I would make something like.. "stairway" instead of this cross (I also would remove the last note and just add one more repeat)
01:20:287 — you don't need to 'start' break from this point. Move it back to 01:19:922
01:35:267 (1,2,3,4) - two squares in a row? Matter of style, but I'd rotate the second square to make it better
01:52:074 (1) - the same with the break after it
02:12:534 (1,2) - something undefined again
02:15:457 (1,3) - it's too sharp. Make this gap wider

That's all I can see.
fixed some of your suggestions~ thanks :)
Req from jojo's queue
Baka Modding~
Time for ignorable modding~All of them just a suggestion.

  1. You need a Kiai timing
    offset 66769 - 79922
    offset 120843 - 150072

  1. Good enough~

  1. 00:17:628 - add note
  2. 00:23:656 (1) - make it begin 00:23:473, and end at same time
  3. 01:45:315 - add note
  4. 01:51:343 (1) - same as 00:23:656 (1)
    Nothing ><

[wcx's Hard]
  1. 00:21:738 (2,3) - gather it in a slider, as you do like 00:19:546 (4)
  2. 00:22:469 (5,6) - ^
  3. 01:49:425 (2,3) - ^
  4. 01:50:156 (5,6) - ^
    That's it

  1. 00:13:974 (3) - delete it, add note in 00:13:974, and make a slider from 00:14:157 to 00:14:887
  2. 01:18:461 (1,2,1,2,1) - Awsome part! Really cool~
    OK, there's nothing should mod~

Moreover, I'd like this song and the girl in BG ;) star~
Good Luck~
Hi Nymph here and request from: Jojo's mod queue~

Preview are not the same. Please check them in osu files.
Offset are not the same. Please check them in osu files.
Offset is 1004.02029398699.....why? check osu files again... fix all of them to 1004.

nothing to pick.

Beatmap design/suggestion
00:21:281 (3,4) - I am not a fun using double notes like this in a 3star diff when a song bpm is not low, maybe slider instead?

wcx's Hard:
01:18:461 (6) - werid claps during this. I suggest to delete them.
01:18:461 (6) - Strongly suggest volumn increase by degress here. 20 to 40 is fine for me. and tail finish 50.

Issue/unrankable stuff
I suggest HP drain-1.
00:17:628 (4,5,6,7) - this is really hard to read.... I really think it should not use 1.0 spacing here, because the triples before are using 1.2. and maybe add a new combo here: 00:17:628 (4) - for warning..
Beatmap design/suggestion
00:06:119 (3,4,5,6) - I prefer you don't stack here, for me it is more comfortable if 3 is downer.

Gerneal thing are very important, please make sure you fix them all.
Then good luck~
updated here
about timing , I'm not sure what to do. please help me to fix the timing in my diff 0.0
don't forget to resnap all notes and timing sections :3
Download: Triple Bounce - Magic Melody (Nightcore Mix) (Tony) [wcx's Hard].osu
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