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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
New to modding, I'll try to help.
Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa

  1. auto must get atleast 1000 bonus points on spinners to be rankable, i think on extra and insane some of them dont make it to 1000!


  1. Easy's should have very few distance snap errors because you should be using time distance equality, turning on DS should help


  1. normal's should also have few distance snap errors, turn on DS to help.
  2. otherwise feels fine to play.


  1. 01:03:836 (5) - make this slider flat to go into the next circle so it flows better
  2. everything else feels fine, gj!


  1. 00:09:025 (2) - make this note directly above the other 2
  2. 00:52:565 (1,1,1,1) - i would make this stream have .4 DS instead of 1, feels to spaced for a insane
  3. 01:02:539 (3,4) - make these 2 overlap less(feels cleaner to aim)by raising them a bit higher
  4. 01:23:538 (1) - auto must get 1000 points on spinners to be rankable


  1. 00:01:079 (4) - move this note a little bit up so it's straight with the slider
  2. 00:04:160 (7) - maybe move this note a little bit up so its less awkward to hit
  3. 00:04:484 (1) - rotate this slider down and make the next circle a little further out so the slider goes into the jump smoothly
  4. 00:04:971 (3) - rotate a little bit and make 00:05:457 (4) - higher(maybe im just being picky)
  5. 00:06:917 (4) - same thing as before, less awkward to hit if you move it up a little bit
  6. 00:11:295 (4) - make straight with slider (being picky :v)
  7. 00:12:430 (1) - move this note a little bit right maybe so it flows better from previous slider
  8. 00:29:620 (2) - personally i find this note making the pattern feel weird to hit so i would make it a jump to(unless you want it to be weird)
  9. 00:29:782 (3,5,7) - reduce the spacing a bit so its not such a sudden speed increase
  10. 00:30:755 (1) - i found that making this slider spam 1.5 sv and full on overlap to be easier to hit and read, although both versions are fine(if you reduce the spacing a little bit
  11. 00:53:782 (1,2,1,2) - - ctrl+g this jump pattern so its less spaced out to hit from the stream.
  12. 00:54:187 (1,2) - i would make these smaller then the last 2 but it works either way
  13. 00:57:025 (6) - move this to the right so its like a triangle jump and easier to read
  14. 01:12:107 (2) - make this more spaced out and to the right so to emphazise the -de and then make 01:12:755 (2) - line up
  15. 01:26:052 (1) - auto must get 1000 bonus points on spinners to be rankable, maybe delete the stack afterwards and extend it to 01:26:782 -
]Fixed in all difficulties, Thanks for all your help, I invite you to try it again!
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