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I just got my one by wacom bamboo ctl-471 and the light that tells me if the tablet is reading my pen is blinking (and when it blinks it actualy stops moving the cursor for that 0.2 sec and slightly teleports the cursor when it turns on again) when I am moving the pen fast. I am using windows 8.1 and have disabled Windows Ink plus used the fixmypen tool but it still kept blinking. I am also using an USB extender but that isn't the cause of blinking since I also tried it without the extender. I got my CD driver, but since my computer can't take in CD-s I had to download a 5.3.5-3 (CD is the same)

Is this normal for the tablet and will not cause a lot of trouble beacuse of note snaping or is it a big problem and if it is how can I fix it if I can?
Have you raw input turned off?
You should try to change pen nib
Try downloading a different driver version for your tablet. Perhaps an older version, if you have the latest, or the other way around.
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