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I'm making an isolated storyboard for a song, but some of the elements I use scale to a much larger size when I watch it in real time. (See the video for an example.) I've encountered this problem many times before, but I've never been able to fix it or diagnose the problem.

The smaller beams are the intended size, the larger ones pop in with a seemingly random pattern, but only if I watch it in real time rather than scrolling through the timeline.

osu! version: 20170616.1 (latest)
(If the number isn't accurate, it's the most recent Stable (Latest) version of osu!, 7/13/17. I believe that it is correct, but I just want to be clear.)
Is this the wrong place to put this? I'm starting to doubt myself. It's been 5 days with nothing and my stupidly-pessimistic mind can only assume that I did something incorrectly.
You could post here, 20

But Storyboarding is something not many know or do (and that subforum is pretty dead). So it may be hard to find help. I, for one, haven't the slightest clue about it.
That makes sense. I'll try there as well. Thanks.
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