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Ok let me be a little bit more descriptive since no one understood what i wanted to know, i just need help with my tapping acc and i can barely stream and i don't think it has to do with speed but more like my reading skills are shit because of all the time wasted on dt, overall just wanna know how to time streams and bursts better i can do 5 star and below but clearly judging off my profile not FC so i just want tips

and you guys are vicious xD
Well, first off, you should probably go to the mod selection and turn off DT. Here is a tip, dont just change it to NC, that is the same thing...

But for really, you just need to go down in levels so that you can actually learn the basics of this game. Spasing your mouse hand and jabbing at the keyboard isnt the best way to play. You probably dont even need to play maps that have streams in them to get better

Rogue_Dragon wrote:

hello i started playing osu a few months ago and started using dt first and and it completely messed up my timing and reading skills i need help getting out of dt so if anyone has any tips please help :? i cant even stream properly and im at 880 pp someone help
I didn't need any streaming skills till 3k pp or so, what are you talking about.
Just turn off DT and play nomod.
How to turn off a mod and play

Step 1: turn off the mod
Step 2: play the game
Turn of DT and play game.
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