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how do i go about breaking a habit?
the obvious answer here is to play more, but i feel like if that's done wrong then it might only end up encouraging the habit, since the issue i have is definitely a mental block.

for some reason, my brain decides that i don't need to press down as hard on the keys for certain notes (soft-sounding?), which i guess saves a tiny bit of energy, but it's gotten to the point where i try to press the key but then i can notice myself telling myself to slow that finger down, and it ends up not pressing down the key at all, no matter how relaxed or tense i am.

i don't know the exact cause of it, but it happens a lot at low bpms and so i decided maybe if i played a lot of low bpm songs then it would work itself out, but i don't want to trick myself into think that i'm practicing this because it's a good habit. i don't really want to do a punishment thing where every time it happens i break my fingers with a hammer, either. so how else would i go about breaking a habit?
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on topic : if you tap really hard when you are playing at your upper speed limit, then go and play it for awhile.
it might (EMPHASIZE ON MIGHT) register into your muscle memory and/or mental state which will cause you to remove that habit
if that doesn't work, then maybe you should try pressing the uninstall button Kappa
I guess the only way to fix it, is to be FOCUSED on your tapping all the time. Until it become natural to you.
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