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Sorry for the bad translation,i am brazilian and don't speak english

-Desde que comecei a jogar Osu! eu percebi que mesmo conseguindo notas A em algumas musicas elas não apareciam no painel do Rank
-As musicas com notas A são exibidas nos meus (Top's Ranks) mais no painel de rank mostra como se eu tivesse 0 notas A

-Since I started playing Osu! I realized that even getting A notes on some songs they did not appear in the Rank panel
-The songs with A scores are displayed in my (Top's Ranks) plus in the rank pane shows as if I had 0 A notes


osu! version: 20170616.1 (latest)
lol, that's... weird
They (should) be tracked properly on the new website design.
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