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Problem Details:
osu! is crashing on startup transparent cookie. Can't run it with shift pressed, and there are no logs. The computer is fairly old (around 2007), and I think this might be the problem. I tried updating my drivers and installing missing ones, but nothing has changed. I have newest .NET frameworks.

System information:
Windows 7 Ultimate, 32x, 32x processor

osu! version: 20170616.1 (latest)
So no crash code or anything?
spróbuj odpalić repair osu! z folderu osu!.
No crash codes. I noticed the osu! installation folder isn't full - it's missing folders like skins, beatmaps, etc.

The only two folders are Localization and Logs.

The only logs are Update.dat and Update_Success.dat

There is no "repair osu!" thing anywhere in the folder too.
Are you attempting to install the game? Or launch an already "installed" instance.

If you are installing, please try using the old installer
same issue here. immediately after i open the game i get the "osu! crashed" window.
same thing with "repair osu!" and i can't even uninstall the game because the UNINSTALLER CRASHES.

all of this started happening right after i went to update osu.

edit: i fixed it by restarting a few times and moving the user files out of the osu folder
I think I already found the source of the problem - most of the time, the whole cpu is used, thus osu! cannot run due to lack of avaiable CPU memory.
Doubt thats the problem. A machine from 2007 should run osu! just fine. What you should do is check Event Viewer for more details.

1. Run osu! and let it crash.
2. Press Win + R
3. In the run box type "eventvwr" and hit Enter.
4. In event viewer, on the left go to Windows Logs > Application.
5. On the right click "Filter current log"
6. On the filter window make sure you have Error and Critical checked and press OK.
7. Press Ctrl+F and type "osu!" in the find box. It will find the first crash log from osu!.
8. Go in the Details tab and copy the text there and post it here.
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