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Hailie wrote:

sorry for the delay - working on the mod currently and will finish tomorrow hoply

Alrighty lets get on to it

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  1. 00:24:948 (1,2,3) - Minor - I do think that the NC should be remove at 00:24:948 (1) - and just have it at 00:25:248 (3) - instead because the beats around here sounds more like it goes with the other 00:24:498 (6) - while 00:25:248 (3) - is a start of the new sections where the rhythm because a bit denser than previously imo - just a suggestion uhhh you coulda heard without hitsounds but the new section obviously starting from 00:24:948 - where you can hear different synth from the past parts
  2. 00:34:098 (5) - Maybe space this out some more kind of like how these are spaced 00:33:648 (2,3,4) - ? minor but I don't see the harm of not changing this yeah why not
  3. 00:49:998 (8,9) - Why is this the only time where ya have the slider here on the white tick instead of the red tick 00:50:148 (9) - here 00:49:998 - ? think this is a bit strange and pretty inconsistent to what ya been doing in similar parts of the song such as 00:47:598 (8,9) - 00:45:198 (8,9) - and I think that fit better imo - possibly switch the order of (8) and (9) uhh because repeating the same rhythm for 3 times is just boring?? lol when you speak of consistency here 00:52:398 (9,10) - is also the same rhythm as that so it's actually consistently having the rhythm variation over the sections, anyway that is to avoid the rhythm being too repetitive so this doesn't do anything to its consistency
  4. 01:00:348 (2) - think it is worth giving a small jump to emphasis the clap here than to having it understand the slider end because I felt that is a bit weak I think it's okay tho, if i happen to unstack it the circle would just be quite nearby the slider (like this) otherwise the flow will be fucked up as my mapping. do people actually care emphasis for every single clap LOL
  5. 01:31:698 (5) - This 1/4 jump I feel believe to overemphasize here for the beat here and the jump is too big in comparison to other 1/4 jumps ~ recommend to reduce it this is fine, 1/4 slider is working as same as 1/2 circle except that makes reading a bit harder, why? because theres two overlapped circles for the 1/4 slider while circle is a circle, will never overlapping unless you do manually (what i mean by 2 circles) and the situation where 1/4 jumps usually will be "too hard" is you jump from 1/4 slider to another 1/4 slider because it's harder than a 1/2 circle to understand where you should click properly when the jump is huge enough as the more visual objects the more confusion. but this is just a normal jump from a 1/4 slider to a 1/2 circle, which is pretty same as casual 1/2 jump. therefore this just "looks" overdone with the jump but plays completely fine, and easy to hit lol.
  6. 01:36:948 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,5) - this may just be a different interpretation of the song but I felt that the more intense stream is this 01:36:948 (1,2,3,4) - while I think the spacing on this stream 01:37:248 (1,2,3,4,5) - is a bit too high here when the beats are that strong - not exactly saying to increase the other 1 but I do kind of wish the 2nd part of the stream is reduce some than it is currently these are more like, going faster from the crush on 01:37:248 (1) - so intensity of the drums are not that different but to accelerate the flow by using this kind of stream. why I need to do this is because there'll be another support from the melody on 01:37:248 - 01:37:398 - 01:37:548 -, the previous section had only half of them 01:37:098 - 01:36:798 - for example so I think this getting spread this much is quite reasonable, slower stream would make the flow slower as well and it's kinda no good for non calm part like here
  7. 01:52:548 (13) - this is a pretty unique sound here - you probably don't want to do nothing fancy but possibly add a NC here would be cool and simple was the sv change not enough? i dont know if breaking consistency is worth, I've not been nc'ing all the last notes of the streams through the whole map unless that's visually needed e.g 03:24:048 (1) - is not a stream anymore but has a nc anyway because 03:24:348 (2) - having different color from 03:24:048 (1) - is just a pain lol
  8. 02:19:248 - for here ~ possibly add a whistle? seems very fitting here and ya did add a clap on the next repeat - do so for all the other difficulties that has this map oof yeah
  9. 02:56:148 (4) - k I turn down the volume - I believe this 1/8 slider starts to early - right here is where the 1/8 starts 02:56:223 - in the song so possible move the 1/8 slider to here and just add a 02:56:148 - (although this may not be that noticeable to others so I guess its fine but I figure I point it out regardless) what really?? I mean the sound is not really clear but the guitar sounds here are 7 in total from 02:56:148 - to 02:56:448 - hence this would work fine as is, no need to make it x100 harder and have counterintuitive pattern when single 1/6 is kinda annoying to the map already lol
  10. 03:22:998 - maybe have this note clickable - pretty strong part of the guitar and felt that it fits better being part of the stream like that instead of what it is currently but having slider end on a stronger sound is cool like i often use it in the map - theres also a reason why it's not being clickable,
    as I've explained how 1/4 sliders work earlier, 1/4 sliders 03:21:948 (3,4,1,2,1,2) - are 1/2 circles, if i made 03:22:848 (1) - either a circle or a 1/4 slider this section will end up with 7 1/2 circles before the most streamy part in this which is actually a pain for players, especially those who aren't strong enough singletapping all of them. since this part is quite stream heavy, there always needs some kind of break point to rest fingers a bit, so here it is. also yeah,
    current one plays simply better to me :P
  11. 03:37:548 (3,1) - hmm imo I felt this is under emphasize right here having really no jump here what do you expect me to do right after the break LOL, players aren't as prepared as how they should be for upcoming notes after a break time, bigger than current jumps would just be annoying level to just fuck the players out lol.
  12. 03:40:098 (1,2,3) - the song doesn't necessarily get a spike here so why the spacing increase? it isn't much different from 03:39:648 (1,2,3) - so just suggesting to possibly reduce that to something similar to it yeah id not mind fixing that because it was random
  13. 04:14:598 - 04:14:898 - okay check to make sure - I don't here exactly anything that support theses or if it is, it is really weak - so what I am saying is that the jumps for these notes are quite unnecessarily high for these reasons and it doesn't sound right going along the music having these map - could change 04:14:448 (1) - 04:14:748 (3) - into 1/2 sliders or something different from what it is now I'm sorry but I'll definitely not change this part, i thought you're intuitive enough to understand "patter mapping" where emphasis doesn't matter, it's kinda hard for me to explain as to why I'll never change this because that "pattern mapping" is it. though im still gonna try to explain it along the mapping basic, yea how people managing 1-2 jumps in anime maps would be a good example (remember im not doing it in this pattern for the reason below lol)

    you can open a random anime map that potentially contains some 1-2s and look into the 1-2 back forward jumps they're usually mapped for the certain drums on the beats where (1) combo goes for (white tick) but then what does the (2) follow in the music??? - there might be the quieter drum, or the bass drum, or nothing particular sound, but from my view, the (2) is still overspaced from (1). (2) is generally existing to emphasize next (1) (3 if said 1-2 jumps had no ncs), the sound itself which belongs to (2) is definitely over-emphasized by it. so like, this logic can apply to what i did here, except I did that by making different pattern from common patterns here (immature hexagram but the hexagram itself can relate to the original game which can be conceptual.)

okay I done the hardest part ~ pretty worn out listening to this song so i'll be doing doing a part 2 for the lower difficulties soon sorry
thanks! you are not late at all so no need to sorry :) let me know if you have anything unclear in my reply here, might be messed up so hard because replying to mods in forum makes me not understanding what im writing lol
is soft_sliderslide used anywhere
turn off widescreen on normal, hard and easy

01:03:648 (7) - whistle
01:07:698 (3) - 01:10:098 (3) - whistle on body for that melody would be cool
02:16:698 (7) - hitnormal maybe?
04:09:948 - missing clap probably, or if intentional check how this place sound on low diffs(pretty sure i'd place it on normal at least)

00:15:348 (7,1,2) - equal distance
00:47:373 (7,8) - hitnormals
02:53:448 (3,4) - 02:53:748 (5,6) - could make them like opposite, from small to bigger for guitar
04:18:948 (1) - either remove whistle from body or from tail, it sounds too loud now lol

01:41:298 (1) - i'd remove nc
02:09:648 (1,2,3) - consistent spacing?
03:06:648 (3) - ^

00:06:798 (3,4,5) - stack view!
00:25:998 (3) - may be a whistle to compensate skipped clap
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Topic Starter
is soft_sliderslide used anywhere no idea
turn off widescreen on normal, hard and easy ok

01:03:648 (7) - whistle ok
01:07:698 (3) - 01:10:098 (3) - whistle on body for that melody would be cool no cuz u cant put whistle on the heads
02:16:698 (7) - hitnormal maybe? ok
04:09:948 - missing clap probably, or if intentional check how this place sound on low diffs(pretty sure i'd place it on normal at least) i dont remember how i hitsounded this so ok

00:15:348 (7,1,2) - equal distance :0
00:47:373 (7,8) - hitnormals ya
02:53:448 (3,4) - 02:53:748 (5,6) - could make them like opposite, from small to bigger for guitar rearranged pattern
04:18:948 (1) - either remove whistle from body or from tail, it sounds too loud now lol i think it sounds pretty :0 removed 04:19:698 (2) - whistle instead since it doesnt sound intended in this diff

01:41:298 (1) - i'd remove nc dude.this normie technique very important
02:09:648 (1,2,3) - consistent spacing?
03:06:648 (3) - ^ if lordemphasizersaysso

00:06:798 (3,4,5) - stack view! ok
00:25:998 (3) - may be a whistle to compensate skipped clap whistle might be a bit too loud here
i'm not a virgin!!!
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Oh ok
00:22:098 (7) - hm
04:07:248 (1) - also isn't it 1/6 instead, sounds pretty much like 04:10:848 (1) - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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idk wot u imply

the snapping is obviously correct as is
i meant that beziere slider among nonbeziers looks weird but well who cares
wtf i thought i told you to call me for a check - _ -
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can u rank it then
00:50:148 - minor thing before qualify - forgot to add a clap here on all difficulties aside from the top

nothing else really ~ call me back
call him back
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i mean u got bns so i'd rather not waste time trying to mod something unmoddable.
k checking everything and cool with it ~ qualified <3
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thx :d
grats ay

nice bn thread
"bn only thread" says mirash
gratz delos
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