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Problem Details:

Hi, Im writing here because whenever I played osu I got random freeze spikes, so I tried looking up many threads what should cause it. I tried shutting down almost every background program that could cause it, different settings in OSU, diffrent client versions, changing graphic card settings, reinstalling windows, updating drivers etc. etc....
yesterday I tried using tablet + mouse for clicks and I got 0 freeze spikes, then I used tablet + keyboard (how I always did, I played over 2 years with that before, but stoped because of this problem and now I want to come back) and got freeze spikes.

At this point Im 99.99% sure its some problem on my end with keyboard but I have no idea what because this occurs only in osu. I made video to show whats happening. First minute is playing map with keyboard clicks and second is mouse clicks just to show its most likely soething with keyboard setting or idk

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170616.1 (latest)

Im on Win 7
using razer blackwidow since I started playing OSU few years ago but no idea why it started happening.

And for ppl saying why just dont play with mouse clicks, its impossible for me with harder maps. At this point I will will be thankfull for any advice because Im lost :(
Try changing key bindings and see if the issue persists. If nothing changes, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard's drivers.
ok I tried, to reinstall all keyboard drivers, removed unused ones that stayed in system but issue still persisted.

I tried my last hope, I binded my keys that I use on keyboard to mouse left click and mouse right click throught razer synapse. And Its working without freezes somehow. Still have no idea why my osu freezes on normal keyboard presses but I can play just find with my solution....

could have thought about that sooner >___> u can mark this as "SOLVED" I guess :|
Binding to other keys on your keyboard didn't help whatsoever?
nope, any normal keyboard press caused freezes even not binded one.... I even tried brother keyboard and it still does that.... and this started when I had my old pc so its not my current pc either.... I have no idea at this point >___> w/e I my solution works great ....ty for trying to help tho, I appreciate it :)
btw mby try to plug your keyboard to another usb, I had this problem before and it helped
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