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My osu! stutters frequently in the middle of maps although my computer specs here should be enough to handle the game correctly

I have tried a list of things like cuttingedge and messing with some debug stuff, reduce dropped frames, capping frames to 120 (typically runs at 450 in windowed), disabling antivirus, and having all applications closed, and none really seemed to do anything.

This happens on all maps.

Edit: Windows Creator Update btw

I've always had a problem with osu stuttering when choosing a song or occasionally in-game. I asked people with high end computers to tell me if they saw any stutters and some said yes. I'm not sure the cause of it or if it's just some flaw in the code. Maybe someone from the support team knows.
Did the stuttering start happening after the Windows Creator Update?

Make sure there are no updates going on in the background while you're playing, since this could result in your disk being overloaded and, therefore, cause stuttering issues.

Also, give it a try and restart your computer, if you haven't already.
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