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A crystals-themed skin that I made. It's my first skin so feedback is much appreciated!
This skin is entirely created by me (including the hitsounds, visuals and applause/failsounds)

Songs Selection

Mod Icons

Ranking Screen

Skip Button (pre-Gameplay)


Pause Screen

Fail Screen

2017-7-10: Initial version released (v1.0)
2017-7-11: Fixed approach circles, buttons, combobreak, spinnerspin and spinnerbonus. Added customization section (v1.1)


I would like to thank everybody in the skins! discord, especially MatthewRobo for coming up with the name and being a great help overall. Without them, I would already have abandoned skinning this in the first place.

Enjoy the skin! :3
Good Skin, but approach circle is very bad. :lol:

Fatal3ty wrote:

Good Skin, but approach circle is very bad. :lol:
in what way is it bad?
I really like the skin.
Although minimalism is my liking, I think this skin is pretty well made. The spin sound kind of threw me off as well as the miss sound, but overall it's pretty good.
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