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Ive been playing osu off and on for quite a while now but somehow never decided to ask this question even though I always thought about it. As a player I can consistently beat ~5. star maps and usually get B's and A's, I can sometimes beat 6 or above with around C to maybe B acc, and can usually get A's or higher on 4.5 stars and below. So I'm wondering if the best way to practice at being a overall better player at osu is to practice maps that are challenging to complete and get sub-par accuracy, or if I should practice maps I can beat pretty consistently but try to get S rank accuracy, and avoid the challenging maps until I can master the levels below it. Keep in mind most of my osu "career" I've been mostly on the side of playing the challenging maps and getting Cs to Bs as I find that the most fun for me personally but if it does lower my progress rate then I wouldn't mind practicing the other way. Any ideas? Thanks.

On a side note after writing this I thought about focusing on straight combos and not just accuracy, maybe focus on practicing maps until I can FC?
Do everything, it all has its benefits.
Trying to get S-ranks on lower difficulties will train your consistency and accuracy while trying to get A-ranks on hard shit will train your agility, speed and stamina.
Doing only one of them usually becomes frustrating in the long run because you either don't get better or you can't nail any FC.

For you, accuracy and consistency is obviously a weak point so work on that before you push further into hard maps. Try to get 97% with FC on some maps.
Playing easy stuff gives you room to practice every movement consciously so you can develop good habits.

Playing hard stuff lets you figure out what habits you need to work on and cuts out unnecessary movement.

As Endaris said its good to do both.
Play easy maps to build good muscle memory and use it to play the mapa what you like, to win PP or whatever.
usually it's better to focus on building a higher skill floor than a higher skill ceiling so that you are always closer to your best all the time
but this is a game so just focus on having fun
pp will come naturally if you gain skill
and skill will come naturally if you play more relevant stuffs
Play more everything, but focus on lower diffs more.
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