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fartownik wrote:

NeilPerry's diff has potential to be amazing if it followed beat instead of lyrics in the chorus
And what's wrong with that? I thought following the vocals fitted well.
How can Slayed's diff reach a 6.03 star :o
Really curious :o nice quality anyway :)
slayed's diff is like the only chill extra in the set, every other extra is slider and 1/4 jump chaos. xd

Einja wrote:

slayed's diff is like the only chill extra in the set, every other extra is slider and 1/4 jump chaos. xd
more like only pp one :thinking:
yo can i ctb
hello where is the ameth rianno gd

00:16:301 (1) - Will be redone
00:29:860 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - ^
01:03:758 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3,4) - ^
01:17:318 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - ^

TheArchist wrote:

hello where is the ameth rianno gd
where's the rrtyui gd
where's the skystar gd
blanket mod
00:18:335 (2) -
god FUCKING dammit i LVOE handsome map

  • 00:14:097 (1,2) - bro these are already like stacked on top of each other u can afford to add another 1/8 repeat to the end of these, this goes for all of this section
    00:24:267 (1,2) - these are actually spaced .1 higher DS than they should be compared to the rest of the section lo l
    00:29:691 (1,1) - Give Me One Good REason for these ncs
    00:33:928 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - can u just not do this and at least slightly space out the 1/3 stream it makes me :angry:
    00:35:284 (1) - spinner might be better off at a quieter volume hitsound-wise, also having like a sort of fade in effect would be cool
    00:59:013 (1,2) - is there any special reason for having these end on 1/8 ticks? i don't rly care either way tho they might be better off with silenced slider ends
    01:06:491 (1) - cant u just make this start on the blue tick like a real human bean Z
    01:11:216 (1) - idk about adding buzz slider here, mainly cuz i can't hear the background static as noticeably as the other two; plus it kinda ruins the stop-and-go momentum thing u got going here
    01:21:386 (1,2,3) - i feel like the yellow combo stuff after this should be spaced out more cuz the vocals are more intense
    01:26:809 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - end yourself
    01:34:267 (1) - Plz remove 10x sv its illegal to do that in a map thank u :)

@winber up your od to 9.3 and @slayed up your od to 9, it fits spread a lot better imo since the top diff is od 10
otherwise i cant mod fully cuz literally half ur maps are broke and link to this ill mod the rest if that gets fixed unless its my comp being stupid
[Sing's Extreme]

00:34:719 (1,1,1,1) - Cancel NC here?

[Irre's extra]
00:14:945 (3) - Ctrl+G?

01:09:182 - add kiai here?

My god these maps are so awesome I don't know how to mod it.
Perfect slider art. :)
Hard for me to play though :o
are you okay?
do you need help?
maybe a psychologist?
some xanex?
a hug?
i'm worried.
noob modder passing through
requested from my Q

00:31:216 (3,5,7) - NC these all since u relatively used 1-2,1-2,1-2 ncs on this part anyway
00:52:402 (6) - intended to not add nc or
01:16:470 (2) - minor but this note is not accurately aligned with 01:16:640 (1,2) - details details :^
01:25:369 - are the notes here intended not to overlap with each other or
01:30:537 (5) - nc here mayb

01:00:877 (8,1) - swap nc here
01:11:724 (1) - just a suggestion yea maybe shorten this slider and make 01:11:979 - clickable instead cus if u listen to vocals carefully it has the same rhythm as 01:15:284 (4,5) - and not as long as 01:12:402 (1,1) - so yea
01:21:216 (7,1) - swap nc

00:01:386 (1) - lo extend this spinner up to next white tick
00:15:792 (2) - delet this note to be consistent
00:17:148 (2,3) - avoid overlap?

only these 3 idk how to mod technical maps sry
I'm a masochist for accepting the request...

00:12:911 (1,2,3,4) - so for barely audible sounds, we get 1/8 kickslider jumps on 177 bpm... I don't advise doing this at all. 00:12:826 - Also consider making use of this beat, it's at least audible as the pattern I linked.
00:14:097 (1) - should be 1/6
00:15:453 (1) - ^
00:16:470 (3,4) - mapped identically like 00:16:131 (1,2) - but it has no kicks on any of it sounds, I suggest reducing intensity on the first pattern I linked.
00:14:267 (2) - 00:15:623 (2) - 00:16:979 (2) - 00:18:335 (2) - with osu! limitations of slider speed movement, this isn't fully following the song: The sound that starts the impact is really loud until the next red tick, and it strongly falls down, but sliders can't really slow down in osu! so it is kinda an overmap? However, if you reduce their length, you could make use of the blue tick synth/hithat whatever it is to make interactive 1/4 gameplay. something like this is also nice
00:21:724 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6) - these are kinda weak, even with the same sounds, but increased pitch, I suggest making them have same spacing, in order to make 00:23:080 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - stand out more, since it has added synth sounds in its 1/4, and of course the following pattern.
00:23:758 (1,2,3,4,1) - are noticeably stronger than previous 1/4's, so I suggest to increase spacing even more (look at me trying to buff this map xdxd)
00:24:267 (1) - suggest in making this one slider reversed, to make it stand out as it the strongest 1/8 kickslider in the grouping it seems.
00:27:826 (1) - Don't understand why this has the least spacing when it is arguably really loud
00:54:606 (3,4) - where's the expressive SV at here?

01:09:182 - fuck me in both ears
Boy this looks fun af to mash to with nf. But let's try to discuss this..
01:09:522 (1,2,3) - firstly I see it is structured, but why does this have bigger spacing than 01:09:182 (1,2,3) - that goes for every teal vs yellow triple. Second, is the hithat really more important than the vocals. Alternatively you could also follow both by doing some 2stacks with big spacing and sliders for vocals. I don't feel them music here tbh.
01:10:877 (1,2,3) - Don't really see it justified, only this really feels more intense than preivous stuff 01:11:047 (3) - , so i suggest keep it structured.
01:12:826 - make it into a stream, you missed an unplanned 1/4.
01:19:775 - skipped, why?
01:20:708 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - with the rhytmh and spacing being brutal as it is, it would be kind of you to make this angles more approachable, like circular/interactive back and forth idk
01:25:453 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - too scaled imo, I feel like 01:17:318 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - should stay the strongest spaced triples, since their 1/4 intensity is actually increasing, not some vaguely noticeable and subjectively intense pitch.
01:34:267 (1) - ikenai borderline.. 01:32:911 (1) - please rescale those two down a bit. Like 5.00 into 7.00 into 9.00 or less.
01:35:623 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - Are you really giving the spotlight on some random moderate intensity drums to have the biggest impact? Firstly difference in intensity between 2 and 1 is not so big to make a difference in spacing of 15 multiplier, (2) is certainly not weaker 15 times than (1) lmao. Strongly advised to reconsider this, it is also 177bpm so please.
Also this diff is somehow damaged, it offers me to update it, and when I do, I get a 0 star blank map..
Please check my comment on really fast sliders that I did mention on Master difficulty.
00:16:302 (3) - I really don't dig this SV on this slider, It feels really offplace to follow a vocal layer so spontaneously when very similar SV was used on more prominent and noticeable sounds that seal the section: 00:15:623 (1) -
00:15:453 (1,2) - Can you place such sliders like this: or , currently it looks really odd
00:20:030 (1,2,1,2) - can you do something like this? This will make it obvious what's going on as its a repeated pattern, you started doing new patterns, and people will really expect new stuff especially if stacked like that for it to be 1/4 kickslider continuation. Making it so hard to read feels offplace imo.
00:20:708 - You're missing this really important line which suggests the rhythm of the following sliders, if it is completely ignored 00:20:877 (3,1,2) - it is hard to notice that this is all about the violin.
00:23:080 (1,2) - On such gimmicky maps, and extreme spacing, using this low spacing for 1/2 jump is questionable, and the slider really deserves bigger spacing as emphasis imo, feels too odd to be right there.
00:23:758 (1,2,3,4) - this shouldn't be a buildup imo, they all have the same intensity and should all have equal spacing from each other.
00:29:182 (1,2,3,4) - by going this spaced, you disregard this note 00:29:860 (1) - making it not emphasized enough, like it should, it is hands down the strongest single circle in the map.
00:34:606 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - I also love to read, I see no way that anyone could realize this to be 1/3 on first try.
01:01:724 (1,2,1,2,1) - that's really cute, however I see in no way how do those vocals deserve bigger SV than 00:59:013 (1,2,1,2) -
01:06:470 (2,3,4,5,1) - I say scale these SV's, make it faster.
01:10:284 - missed a spot
01:11:555 (1,1,1,3) - make em all 1/4 sliders to follow the hithat or whatever on the blue tick, while also following vocals, seems nice rather than leaving an empty space.
01:11:724 (2) - this looks retarded on default skin
01:17:318 (1,1) - questionably low sv, its too easy for what its following
01:34:775 (2) - place it on slider end like 01:35:114 (2) - , looks unstructured if the second one is one slider end.
During the start, I think its a good idea to put whistle on every sliderhead, in order to make it standout in comparison to its sliderends which end on an empty beat.
00:19:013 (1) - Think that the spacing to this is too big, I'd say 00:16:979 (1,1) - these notes deserve it to have the biggest in the section. The first one I linked doesn't really have an impactful sliderhead
00:19:860 (2) - there isn't a violin hit here, so the violin kicksliders 00:20:030 (3,4) - don't stand that too much even though its an entirely different layer.
00:20:369 (1,2) - would be rather cool to make a continuation to the violin kicksliders here, instead of long sliders that are kinda boring.
00:24:436 - okay so first the obligation overscaled jumps complaining. This section of 10 seconds holds a continuation of very large jumps, being strongly the hardest section in the map. In contrast, no other section can come close to the difficulty of this section. This makes no contrast and after experiencing this section, the rest feels really bland with its low spacing and simple rhythm usage, while the intensity of the song sounds really high to me. It feels out of place, and in order to make it fit with the rest of the map, please consider reducing overall spacing of the section, by not just a small margin.
Second, since you gave such huge notice to violin right there, then I even more strongly recommend following violin with kicksliders here: 00:20:369 (1,2) -
00:27:826 (1) - I tried to find the system of 1/4 usage here, and if there is one, then this 00:33:250 (1) - should be a reversed slider like the first one. Since it's a triple drum hit after the red comboed 1 2 3.
00:36:640 - same here for whistles suggestion like on start.
00:50:877 (3) - don't see a need for the white dot in the middle, btw 00:50:199 (1,3) - their visual connection looks weird, so I suggest making (1) a straight slider, since they're anyways a part of the same combo
00:52:911 (1) - slightly curved into medium curved 00:54:267 (1) - into 00:55:623 (1) - slightly... feels like a buildup so, consider making the last link the most curved, just adds a little bit of fun right there xd
01:00:369 (4) - maybe you would want to make this into a stream, there's some sort of a drum roll going on, mentioning just in case you somehow didn't notice it.
01:01:724 (3) - consider making this into two circles, you focus on vocals, so ending on a vocal as intensive as a vocal that's on start of the slider seems contradictive to the focus on vocals. Would be more fun if it was a circle too.
01:01:724 (3) - btw the spacing to this is so low, please consider emphasizing it more.
01:02:233 (5,1) - like this is emphasized, I imagine it would be a good idea to make this emphasized in a similar fashion 01:03:080 (3) -
01:06:470 (1) - seems like an unrankable slider, it goes back in itself, and could be misleading in its direction.
01:09:691 (3,4,5) 1/4 after a slider you use that spacing usually, however; 01:11:894 (1,2,3) - this is inconsistent and only done once.
01:11:894 (1,2,3) - these in fact sound like they're the only triple done more loudly than others, I think bigger spacing on them should fit more.
01:19:775 (6) - you noticed that this is a hithat, and not a drumhit like others, but still gave it same spacing and in part of the same grouping. I'd recommend making 01:19:691 (5) - a kickslider for a differentiation.
01:28:080 (8) - this sounds like a 1/4 hithat on 25% speed, but doing it a bit faster, you notice that it's a previous sound fading, so technically this is an overmap and should be removed. I also suggest giving another look at previous 5stacks in the section a second look if its a fading sound or an actual hithat. This one was the easiest to notice since the background noise or whatever is down.
00:20:369 (3) - Should be NCed in consistency with these 00:17:657 (1) - 00:14:945 (1) -
00:21:724 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - copying a pattern 4 times in a row with a crude blanket make's it pretty noticeable, so please fix.
00:34:182 - I recommend using this drum hit, it is audible plenty, having it ignored feels empty.
Not using or giving special notice to these 00:25:792 (5) - 00:28:504 (5,6) - 00:31:047 (4,5) - seems bland. They are noticeably more intense and different than their previous parts in the song, and I'd say deserve special notice. Them being downbeat, they also feel more a part of this phrase 00:25:792 - to 00:27:148 - for example, and should have their seperate patterns from the previous ones, as a form of differentiation, following the music differently on differently sounding parts. I suggest you consider this and take a second look at all of these downbeats. In the song they form a buildup from the downbeat 00:25:792 - , not the specified 00:26:470 (1) - NCed sliders in the current state.
00:34:606 (1) - I suggest making this into a 1/2 and reversing it twice to follow the violin followed in the whole section. This way it won't give the players awkward questions of what is going with the 1/3 in the background, since it's pretty passively done. Further more it follows the violin layer better.
01:29:521 (1,2,3,4) - NC's like 01:18:674 (1,2,1,2) - I suggest.
00:22:233 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - these all look weird probably because of stacking, for example look how 00:22:233 (2,3) - this has 1.14x spacing, less overlapped circles, 00:22:402 (3) - while this has the next circle on 0.88x. To tend to the auto-stack placement, I suggest placing the sliders manually to fit a distance of 1.00x
00:23:589 (6) - this is also 0.93x. With this many angle switches, and auto-stack positioning, here it is fairly noticeable, in this whole pattern.
00:32:402 - since this is a strong violin hit, right before a NC, I suggest making use of it to be consistent with 00:26:979 (5,5) - these.
00:43:250 (2,3,1,2) - Seems to me like you prolonged the maps stay on the right side of the grid, from 00:40:708 - 00:46:809 - which is bout 6 seconds. 00:43:250 (2,3) - This would be the ideal slider to switch the patterns over to the left side a bit, feels more satisfying imo, working with a bigger and filling up more of the screen.
01:10:369 (3) - 0.92x for some reason.
01:30:030 (4,5) - 0.88x seems random. Should be kept consistent on 1.00x
01:32:233 (4) - this should be NCed like 01:33:589 (1) - , downbeat and consistency.
From Mistaken/Scarlet Mod Queue

Don't know if its just me but it feels like the overlapping sliders in the kiai or really hard to read. Editor wise and playing wise.
01:19:182 (4,1) - Sure players have developed a way to play something like this but I think it doesn't really flow that well play wise also depending on the time to make the jump to get to the stream.
01:25:453 (1,3) - This last little slider section is what I meant in my first post. Sure it is viably playable but with the given time I dont fits to have something that jumps this much.

I don't really know what much to say about this sorry. It makes confused cause I'd expect to see this style of a map in more of a wub/dubstep map. It just feels as if the kiai is a real overwhelming part of this map compared to how everything else is laid out.
00:15:792 (2,1) - Blanket/Stack maybe?
00:42:741 (4,5,6) - Intentional?
00:43:419 (1,2,3) - ^ Different spacing on the last object number of the triplet so the like (3) in this case.
Also there isn't a kiai section. Sure its not needed for it to rankable or not but maybe having one for at least a bit of time would be nice. Due to the fact the rest of the set besides Slayed's GD uses them.
00:05:114 (2,1) - Blanket error?
00:07:996 (3,1) - ^
01:23:589 (2,3,4) - ??
Also as I said in Emilia's maybe a kiai section somewhere.
01:06:470 (1) - Unrankable?

Well um. After this experience of not know what was coming. I'm ready to slider break everywhere. I am legit spooked if can get ranked. LOL. Its a really amusing set regardless lol. Good luck everyone.
placeholder, will begin modding either tomorrow or the next day depending on if i can gain the will to leave my bed for the weekend orz
ok mby it's kudosu farming but i'm modding only otwo diffs xd

00:27:148 (3,4) - I think this flow is a bit too sharp for beginners, what are you think about moving 00:28:504 (4) - this slider a bit to left?

00:38:674 (2,3) - Similar issue to first one but here i prefer to ctrl+j this slider.

01:34:945 (1) - Don't you think this spinner is a bit too long for easy diff?

00:32:911 (2,3) - 00:33:589 (4,5) - 00:34:267 (6,1) - These spacings are a bit too big for hard diff I think. // 00:59:691 (1,2) - Here too ;w;

good luck
short mod from NM

  • General
  1. combo colours 4 and 5 look identical, they need to be more distict
  2. normal-hitfinish hitsound is over 5s in length and takes up almost 1MB in space, you might wanna make it shorter

    00:08:165 (1) - set normal-hitfinish here, and do the same for other diff
    00:33:928 (5,6) - you could extend these sliders, so the kicks are mapped more accurately
    01:19:521 (3) - leave the blue tick at 01:19:775 empty, its too subtle to be mapped in hard diff imo

    00:42:741 - feels weird to leave this part empty, its part of the vocals so you could have something here
    00:44:097 - ^

    Cheesecake's Normal
    01:18:674 (3) - fix ds here
    01:32:233 (4) - and set NC for this note

this is honestly all i can mod, good luck with the mapset.
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