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So 3 years ago, halfway through 2014 I got RSI from playing the game too much... As a result I lost the ability to alternate with my left hand comfortably. To this day I still cannot alternate with my left hand. 2 months ago a friend coaxed me into playing OSU! yet again, but I needed a method to play the game again.

So I became a left handed player so that I could tap with my dominant hand instead. As expected the change was very difficult and I essentially started back at barely being able to FC Normal difficulties. I also lost the ability to compete with my old scores that I set with my normal playstyle.

For the first month I played the game every day until I was able to fc insane maps again with my left-handed playstyle. But I still felt pressured into how I could find self-achievement and motivate myself to keep playing the game this way. So I decided to start a new project based on Blue Dragon's challenge to play every map, but with my own added twist to it.~

For this project I will be revisiting the earlier ages of OSU! beatmaps and deleting all my modern beatmaps for the game. I will only download beatmaps in the order they were ranked, and I must try and set a score on every difficulty of every map before I download the next beatmap pack. I will also log the results of my best play for each map on an excel sheet I have saved on google docs (the same kind as Blue Dragon/Toy's). I will not play any maps that were created after the time I am currently stuck in. I will delete any maps I receive from multiplayer or spectating. (If any friend want to play multi with me I will gladly play with them, but I won't submit any scores on new maps.)

The goal of this project is to find a new way of enjoying the game while experiencing the evolution of Osu and it's beatmaps throughout the years. Since I will only have older maps, I will only be able to improve further at the game by playing old maps, or making it through the beatmap packs to unlock newer ones. I will be actively aiming at setting new best scores on each map, going for map rank, better acc, and harder mod choices for each one.

Here is the link to my current progress with this project I call The OSU! Time traveler. :)

I am still not very good at playing left-handed and spinning spinners, but from time to time I may try streaming on Twitch when I am more comfortable.

I am new to this kind of stuff so I will appreciate any comments, and thank you for taking a look.

Also Thank you Blue Dragon (Mismagius) for inspiring me to go through with this project!
ok cool
I haven't really looked at any of the super old beatmap packs. Hope there aren't any extremely badly timed maps in those packs that early mapping is known for.
Cool, I remember reading through that BD toy spreadsheet and trying out some maps that they really dislike just to see how bad it used to be. Pretti fun
Instead of spending so much effort on a blog post, you should read this subforum's rules.
oh shit our punchline is here
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