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This is just a regular queue if you’re not from Brazil. The people listed here will open NM or M4M slots. Just make sure to read the rules of the person you want to request and always check last post to see if someone is open or not.
This means

that's kinda obvious but ppl just make mistakes too often
NM request, Seto Kousuke, link of map.
KM request, Net0, link of map.
M4M request, Tarrasky, link of map.

  1. Ataraxia:CLOSED
  2. Kalindraz: CLOSED
  3. Marianna: CLOSED
  4. Mismagius: CLOSED
  5. MkGuh: CLOSED
  6. Net0: OPEN M4M
  7. Seto Kousuke:CLOSED
  8. Tarrasky: CLOSED
  9. Trynna: CLOSED

List of Modders


  1. I have bad English and my mods are focused in minimum changes because I don’t like to transform too much the original content.
  2. rock, kpop, dnb, funk , i accept all music genders, but i prefer instrumental rock (aka demetori)
  3. When I open NM I pick the songs I like.


  1. Just throw ur song if i like i gonna mod :P
  2. The number of mods on your map is around 0 - 7
  3. If you're called Kisses, you are automatically blacklisted


  1. I only accept maps completed and ready for rank
  2. No marathon
  3. If we’re doing a m4m remember to call me out about my mod, I forget easily.
  4. If I don’t accept your request try other modder, don’t ask me twice to mod the same map.
  5. I’m really straight forward in mods, be aware that I’m right to the point and it may sound impolite but that’s not my intention.
  6. Short maps, TV sizes, 30-second maps have high priority
  7. I started to map taiko and I will endeavor to learn the maximum of it, so taiko maps are also welcome
  8. Priority for beginners (Especially in taiko)


  1. no anime/jp/kpop/chinese stuff (that includes babymetal)
  2. if your song is related to Enya or any of Renard's aliases then your map will have full priority and ignores all other rules
  3. no more than 25 minutes of draintime counting all diffs, i have a life too
  4. if you are a first-time mapper then the other modders in this q will probably help you more than me
  5. my mods tend to be a bit blunt & i'll try to see stuff from a players' perspective as well so some stuff may not make a lot of sense from a mapping point of view
  6. m4m will have priority as well


  1. Anything except for heavy rock, too loud songs like some annoying vocaloids and I also don't like to mod long maps
  2. I mod only till 4.8 stars


  1. You can buy my mods by shooting 5 kudosu in the map I post whenever I open Kudosu Mods [K4M].
  2. I’ll try to point minimum 5 things that are worth discussing/changing in your map, if I can’t I’ll give your map 3 kudosu back.
  3. Don’t ask for mods if you don’t want to change your map.

Seto Kousuke

  1. no rules


  1. I pick experient maps from the other queues so dont be surprised with an extra mod.
  2. m4m always open, check my profile to see if have any map in m4m, if yes, just post here (no pm).
  3. I'll open few slots every week. Read the last post for extra rules


  1. If you are newbie you have a lower chance to be picked
  2. NM always open. Posting a request here doesn't guarantee a mod anyway, since I pick only what i like
  3. Mutuals are always picked
  4. I will rarely do M4M, but will open at times. M4M are also always picked
Se você é brasileiro ou fala português, considere-se privilegiado, pois as regras são especiais;

A Central de Mapping Brasileiro vai abrir sua modding queue dedicada primordialmente para ajudar os mappers brasileiros aspirantes a melhorarem cada vez mais. Percebemos que existe uma clara distinção da necessidade de atenção entre os mapas dos novos mappers que querem ideias e sugestões e projetos que realmente já estão prontos ou quase prontos para rank e precisam de mods. Assim, a queue será dedica para todos os mappers aspirantes que querem uma opinião mais detalhada e profunda

Lista de Mappers

  1. Ataraxia:Eu não tenho regras, ajudo qualquer pessoa com qualquer nível de mapping. Mas música legal sempre te dá mais chances de conseguir um mod meu.
  2. Kalindraz: para os br apenas me contatem no discord
  3. Marianna: Então more se você realmente quer rankear um mapa com estética boa e jogável eu estou de braços abertos para receber o seu mapa, contanto que ele esteja completo (Hitsound, combo color, timing, entre outras coisas) eu vou aceita-lo e vou ajuda-lo no que foi necessário. <3
  4. Mismagius: pode ignorar todas as regras em inglês tirando a primeira.
  5. MkGuh: Eu aceito se tiver completo com timing bom e as notas snapped no ritmo e se eles forem tentar rankear o mapa.
  6. Net0: Só não curto mapa com mais de 7* cheio entupido de jump toda hora ou stream toda hora.
  7. Seto Kousuke: Aceito qualquer mapa abaixo de 6*. Prioridade para mapas de estilos não convencionais/criativos.
  8. Tarrasky: O mapa tem que estar pronto para ranked, com todo o mapset concluído, meus mods são avançados e minha prioridade são dificuldades Extra, caso queira que eu dê apenas uma checada rápida ou tirar dúvidas pode mandar msg privada em chat.
  9. Trynna: Se você for um novato, sets concluídos e músicas pequenas. Só aceito se eu gostar da música.
Para conferir quem está disponível ou não na semana basta checar o status do modder no canal #hu3modding do servidor oficial do discord da Central Brasileira de Mapping.
Amamiya Kanade
We're open guys! Please read the rules before post, thanks!

I want everybody to mod my map! thx


Delis wrote:

I want everybody to mod my map! thx

huehuehue sure c:
edited 3rd time...

~ 2 slots NM ~

just send your map
talnatch olha o meu mapa
Nm ataraxia pfv :v

AlexTroIIPsy wrote:

Nm ataraxia pfv :v
Escolhido !

closed for me.
NM request, Tarrasky

Amamiya Kanade wrote:
i'll check this

Nevo wrote:

NM request, Tarrasky
ok picked

~ closed for me ~
NM request? Marianna~
edit: shoot linked wrong map

Numtack05 - kimi no hitomi ni

one of the two difficulties would be splendid since it's 7 minute s h a h a
thank you if you dooo
NM request.
This goes to anyone who are able to mod this kind of mapset (280 bpm SDVX song)
Kaneko Chiharu - iLLness LiLin

If I have to select, I would ask Marianna/Seto. But any help from anyone is fine of course. Thank you in advance~ :)
vai brasiliam
i'll use Trynna for this nm would be cool
extra check from seto and kalindraz would be nice too xd
vai brasiliam

NM Seto Kousuke:

ou qualquer abigo que possa dar um input :D
NM request, for Seto Kousuke!^-^

Others are welcome to check on it.

Thanks! :)
Seto Kousuke
Closed for me

when done with all the mentions i'll open again
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