Revz "lince's STD 2 free NM's per week" queue // Closed

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Hello, im actually not the one that had the idea orz is going to mod your maps, im just helping this guy that is a really good friend of mine.
If this isnt allowed (since he's banned) just tell me and i will close this.

Lince Cosmico wrote:

Hello mappers! my name is... well you already know, and this is "my" osu!Standard queue

I say "free" NM because im not putting any rule on it, so everyone can actually get modded.

This will be simple, ill just mod the first two, when it gets into 2, ill close it (This will happen every week from now on)
• There is no rules

- I'll mod any genre and any lenght but if the lenght is too short ill try to mod more than 1 diff

The most important thing is that "YOU WONT GIVE A KDS TO MY POST because RevengeZ is not who actually modded it so it would be unfair, if you want to give kds to a mod, please dont request here

As im banned you might not know me but i've already modded a few people on osu (also thanks reve for posting them for me)
Here are some:
- p/5723799#p5723799
- p/5713055#p5713055
- p/5967479#p5967479
- p/6108415#p6108415
I think that's enough, if you still have concerns about my modding skill just give me a try.

--- I added a poll, i'd like you to rate my mod after you reply it (but i have no hope about people doing it zzz)

I dont care if you're a really new mapper or an experienced one, I'll mod you anyway, if you're new i'll try my best to make your mapping better and learn through my mods.
New mappers are the future imo
Amamiya Kanade
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