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You know how in Photoshop u can press CTRL + R and u get these really helpful rulers to help u see if something is aligned perfectly or not? I think in the current meta of mapping, these rulers can help speed up modding processes as well as make mapping easier.

Sometimes the lines on the grid aren't at an ideal spot to be used as a ruler. Also it would be cool to be able to use the rulers on different angles too. (instead of just horizontal and vertical)
It is quite easy to see whether something is linear or not tho... with practice, obviously.
This sounds like something I would personally never use, just for the fact it adds an useless step in-between

(tip: just enable the largest grid, place all the circles on one single line then select and rotate as desired. There you go, your perfect line, at any angle)
make a long slider to compare if something is linear and stuff
The coordinates are there for a reason.
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