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Welcome to the third iteration of the Kawaii Squad Tournament!

What is KST #3?
This is a self hosted tournament made by me, Snowwy, in which players from the ranks of #1 to #20,000 will play against each others in 2v2 fashion.
It's not made to be professional or anything, just a fun little tournament for people to get to know each other and the Kawaii Squad community, which is always open for new members (created by Suhun).
We also have quite a bit of an influence in this tournament from Anime Tiddles, another osu community close to ours that participates in a lot of tournaments.
There have been two other KST tournaments in the past, we are now looking to open up this experience to more people.

How can I join?
You can either reply to this forum post or private message Snowwy on discord with your team information (Discord id: Snowwy #4750).
You will also be required to enter the tournament's discord channel ---> https://discord.gg/zG7bP6R
Please use this form:
- Team Name:
- Player 1 (captain):
- Player 2:
- Timezone: (UTC if possible)

#1 to #20k ! Isn't that unfair?
While on normal tournament standards yes, this would be pretty unfair, the map pools are made sure to be able to be played by all kinds of players, ranging from high speed bpm maps to old 2012 harder to read ar 8 maps.

What are the prizes?
At the moment there is none but I'll make sure the top 3 teams of the tournament will be rewarded for their effort accordingly :P

When does it start?
- Registrations are open until the 9th of July
- First stage map pool will be released on the 10th of July
- First stage matches will happen throughout the weekend of 14th and 15th of July
- There will be Losers Bracket for every round

- 2v2tournament (no substitutes, 2 players per team)
- Total of 16 teams (might increase this number if a lot more people join it)
- Map pool consists of 5 nomod maps, 3 hr, 3 dt, 3 hd, 3 freemod and 1 tiebreaker.
- Score v1
- In first stage: bo5
- 2 bans per team, but they can't be of the same mod (example: your team can't ban two HD picks).

- Staff (so far): Streamers (2): Snowwy and Damach. Referees (5): ByYoshi14, M I L E S, Snowwy, Bules2 and Zuexar. Map pool pickers (2): Betwin and Bules2
- Teams (so far):
* Englando lando best lando: Zuexar and PawnOnMeth [UTC +1 and +2]
* Rigged tourney: Snowwy and ByYoshi14 [UTC +2]
* xccv: Damach and Steve [UTC +3 and -4]
* Sliderbroke my neck: Tironas and Akemi [UTC +1]
* Grote Ventilator: Wooz and Timpai [UTC +2]
* England is my city: Alexdark69 and My Angel Yaz [UTC +1]
* The Pleeb & The Weeb: FirosGamer and Markus_264 [UTC+2]
* SagiriBestGrill: -Hydra- and PlatinumAki [UTC +2]
* 300BPM DEATHSTREAMS GODMODE OWO: ElektroSucks and Pablonr [UTC +2]
* Team Forfeit: Jona7117 and SkaiBlue [UTC +8]
* nqqn: Karichiie and Graczeu [UTC +1]
* Deadly Red Turtles: tryaway and -Blue- [UTC+0/1]
* Anime Squad: Hot Cocoa and Mash [UTC -4 & -7]
* Tiraitos: Touch-Pad and Ritsumi [UTC -3]
* PENG!stus: peng and Firstus [UTC-8 & UTC+2]
* No clue lmao: BobbyZlich and TheLamaHD [UTC -2]

And yes, we will try to stream most matches, if you're interested in showing off to your friends ;)

Good luck and have fun!
i won't be playing but i'll stalk you guys from the depths. Good luck all!
i won't be playing but i'll haunt you guys in your nightmares. Good luck all!
looking for a team, Callie~#8207 on discord if you're interested
- Team Name: Tiraitos
- Player 1 (captain): Touch-Pad
- Player 2: Ritsumi
- Timezone: UTC -3

Team Name: No clue lmao
Captain: BobbyZlich
Teammate: TheLamaHD
Timezone: UTC -2
Captain: ElektroSucks
Teammate: Pablonr
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