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BusyLion ... s.rar?dl=0

The skins had Laid down for a while.
i thought to share it finally with the community. I quess they finish.
I could just barrely discribe them. Lions? Well look for you self :)

Osu only! SD/HD res.
I recommend at least 85% for Backround dim


BusyLion wrote:

I could just barrely discribe them. Well look for you self :)
Maybe some screenshots?
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Im not in to BBCode markup syntax. Im lazy to learn new and i never use such things.
You seriously can't spend two minutes taking screencaps, uploading them to imgur and posting the link to the page, but expect us to spend a hundred megabytes of bandwidth just to SEE what you made?
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Thanks for advice.
This Skin is very nice. Great job :)8-)

But one things are missed, who is a hit100, hit50 and hit0. Is unplayable without this things. :o
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For aesthetic reasons i use Eyes for 100s, Eyes and Mouth/jaw for 50s instead writing letters. You can see them even though they are quite transparency.
I find them less distracting. Only Hit0 is completely blank but maybe i make them a X or so.
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