osu!International Mapping Contest #1

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Thanks in advance for the 4 months of supporter.
egg and cheese
Congratsu everyone!

For the ones wondering about some of my judging
I've seen complaints about my defenition of "special" as it seems to strike quite a bit with what most others think, so allow me to elaborate a bit on it. I know my explenation in the sheets is half-assed and rushed but that's because I'm dumb and don't save important stuff when formatting a computer.

Something I hope is noticed is how I use movement instead of flow. This is meant to directly link to the gameplay aspect of osu!. If there would be anything that I treasure in maps, it would be exactly that. Of course I can appreciate well-thought deep concepts in a map and yes I see them, however to me they are nothing compared to what a player gets to see in front of them. Even if the map has some amazing concept, as long as when I play it and don't notice it after 3 plays, it's not something I care about.

Visuals are something that I believe should directly be connected to what is supposed to be felt in a map. Again deep concepts can be used for this, but if a map is made around simply looking good with not much thought on the impact given to the player when playing a map, I simply put don't like it. Reason for me appreciating symmetry in this song is because symmetry is something that in my opinion fits a song that is repetitive just like this one.

Structure is a word I despise using these days since the word is thrown around so much in so many different ways, it has no defenition left to me anymore. Put in other words: if you think your map is "structured" so well, I will not be able to see it the way you wanted. Mostly structure these days, as far as I've seen, has become an excuse for visuals to look nice and with no thought for the player put into it. Returning to what I said before, if no clear intentions are given in 3 playthroughs of your map, I simply can't wrap my head around it and value it as much.

A map is special to when it manages to get its intentions across in just gameplay and no heavy thinking next to it. It is special when I play a map and feel something different, something that makes clear that a song in the mapper's mind was what I was supposed to feel. If that in my plays wasn't archieved, I'd say the map wasn't anything special.

I hope with this my "mapping views" became a little more understandable. Any unanswered questions? Feel free to ask, but please do it in IRC. If in bancho it shows AFK you might have to wait a while for a response.
oh nice!
thank you to everyone and congratulations to the winners :3/
very nice badge!!
wow wow!

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Well played!
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So where do i find the invite link of the server
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Updated on the main post, sorry about that
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