Cursor stops temporarily at the moment the tip touches the pad

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Is ther a setting to turn that off? My play style is hovering but very close to the tablet, if i accidentally hit the pad it stops the movement for just a split second but screws me up if im in the middle of a stream or jump.
Radiant Rayv
I used to have that problem with my old grip. Disabling mouse buttons in game didn't help and I couldn't find a software fix, so I just gave up and taped the nib down. It worked lol, but it's kinda annoying when scrolling thru songs.
My tablet has the some problem. It's probably because your pens battery is low, that was the case for me.

PS: Luckily I play with mouse :p
make and model are good to know

talk to people who have the same tablet and see if they have the problem. I know fuck all about tablets but I know people mod drivers, so try looking into that too
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