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[ Nexus ] wrote:

Thank you <3
My Angel Ayachi
❄Type: Avatar Collab
❄Text: N
❄Size: 128x128
❄Avatar type: Round (or up to you, just do whatever you believe looks the best!)
❄Extra: Up to you

Thank you!

[ Nexus ] wrote:

Thanks You :)

[ Nexus ] wrote:

- Kotori -

[ Nexus ] wrote:

Thank you!!! i love it! <3
Worst FL Player
type : avatars
image : ~~~
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Lamey (left) brainslugs (right)
border : no
extra : I literally don't mind any text font or color as long as it looks clean, if by any chance if its not, can you send me ones without text too. Thx >.<

Type : banner
image: same img
size : standard banner size
text : N
border: N
extra: cut the image so i can add links and have pretty background. Also if possible can u cut the image to here. If the banner looks abit flexed then increase the banner size downwards. THANK YOU :3
❄Type: Avatar (Collab)
❄Text: Y | left girl: angellain | right girl: Natu
❄Size: Avatar 150x150
❄Image link:
❄Avatar type: Nomal
❄Extra: thanks!

❄Type: User page Banner
❄Text: Y | angellain and Natu
❄Size: Banner 623x192
❄Image link:
❄Extra: please make it similar to this one

Thank you!
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[ Nexus ]

Thank you!!! :)
Worst FL Player

[ Nexus ] wrote:

Thanks! We will be using it shortly! :D
❄Type: Banner
❄Text: e0486's Userpage and I hope to put it in the corner "女王梅芙"
❄Size: 623x192
❄Image link:
❄Extra: good effects, thanks

Type: Banner User-page
Text: Welcome to Ritsu's profile
CTB player / Extravagant user
Size: Uhm, normal size(?
Image link:
Extra: Make it cute.
❄Type: Avatar
❄Text: Y ( mina ) and one ( sagi)
❄Size: Avatar 128x128
❄Image link:here
❄Avatar type (If "Y"): Y / one normal and one transparent
❄Extra: make it cute ~ thanks !
❄타입: 아바타 Collab
❄텍스트: 네 / 왼쪽 : C1earlove 오른쪽 : Sallip
❄사이즈: 128x128
❄이미지 링크:
❄아바타 타입 ("네"고르신 분만): 사각형
❄추가: 이쁘게 만들어주세요!

❄타입: 유저페이지 Collab
❄텍스트: 네 / 왼쪽 : C1earlove 오른쪽 : Sallip
❄사이즈: 623x418
❄이미지 링크:
❄추가: 유페사이즈 623x418 안되면 답글달아주세요 ㅠㅠ 만약 된다면 오래걸려도 돼용 이쁘게 만들어주세요~ 항상 감사합니다!
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[ Nexus ]

My Jump Sucks
❄타입: 아바타
❄텍스트: 네 / My Jump Sucks
❄사이즈: 아바타 128x128
❄이미지 링크:
❄아바타 타입 ("네"고르신 분만): 사각형
❄추가: 항상 감사합니다!!

[ Nexus ] wrote:

thank you <3
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