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Azzy's GD/Collab/NM/M4M Mod Queue [STD only!] CLOSED!

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Alright! Are you listening? Okay, so now I can start doing GD's because its summer! I couldn't do them back then because of school, but now I can, hope I can finish the GD's sent to me! I am sorry if I suck at creating GD's or anything else. No one is perfect. Well here are the things you need to know!

GD/Collab rules.

1. It takes me some time for me to complete, so be very patient.

2. Songs like Dubstep, 8-Bit, Japanese or English are good.

3. I only speak English, even though I'm Asian, so don't speak to me in a different language please ;v;

4. Songs MUST be under 3 minutes. Songs that have 5 or 10 seconds more are fine.

5. If I cannot complete a song I will message you in the beatmaps thread.

6. Don't be rude

7. I am trying my best to get done with things, so don't rush me to complete your GD.

8. Any weird or racism songs you send me are NOT going to have a GD from me.

9. Meme songs are okay, just no racism in it.

10. Remember, you must notify me what kind of diff you want. Also, I can only do complex beatmap diffs, such as insane, extra, another, or the highest difficulty. Remember this!

I will only mod the certain diff's, or just the one diff. If it is 2 minutes or lower, I will mod 3 difficulties, If it goes over, I will mod either 3 or 2 difficulties. If its the TOP diff I will only mod that. This is only if you ask for a NM without any description!

After I am finished with your GD I will send you the code from .osu notepad.

These are all the rules needed to know. Hopefully I get finished with all your peeps things!
NM: Closed
GD: Open
Collab: Closed
M4M: Closed
Hi Mod request!

mod on fenix3999 diff only please!

- titan

NM request please

Hi nm req would be appreciated :^)
Kuro Fuyusaki
the NM rules seem flexible (or did i miss any point)
anyway, try my luck~

NM Request

SCREEN mode - Naked Dive (TV Size)

Thx in advance!
[ IWeenox ]
Hello it's for an NM please (or even a GD if you want to \:D/)

here is the map
NM pls tks in advance ~
Mini Gaunt

Do you want to mod first, or do you want me to mod first?
Rose Melody
Hey NM on this map ..

Thanks ~
NM req. Thanks! :3
NM or M4M if you want :), Thanks!
My Angel RangE
NM req please owoowowo

(BTW: I am not going for ranked status. Not sure if that matters to you or not)

M4M Request

Song: Supercell - My Dearest (Anime)
BPM: 168
Length: 1:26 (1:25 drain)
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