[Archived] In game ranking (friend, country, mod) not working properly

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Problem Details:

When I select one of the other ranking methods, it often gives the global ranking with my score as 51th best, not the requested ranking.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: b20170616.1 and 20170616beta
I experienced this first on the stable version of osu!, but changing to the beta did not solve the problem.
I think it's common bug. It's just displaying global ranking, you should refresh it (by changing to global and to friends again) to avoid this problem.
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If it is a common bug, do the developers know and are they trying to fix it?

True, after a few refreshes the ranking returns to the correct one, but this is super annoying and surely not to be left like this?
Normally this is causes by temporary server "issues" and resolves itself.
i have this problem too and very frequently and its not really resolving after a few refreshes since a few weeks
This problem exists again. Don't worry, it'll be propably fixed soon, all we can do is wait.
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