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Welcome to my modding queue

Hello, I am a new to mapping and wanted to try my hand at modding. I currently don't have a ranked map, But I will mod your map to the best of my ability.

1. I will only mod STD maps
2. No tickets or placeholders
3. I will only mod your map once, if it was in my queue I won't mod it again unless there is a new difficulty
4. Write your request in your favorite color to verify that you read the rules

*I will not reject maps if I do not enjoy the song, I will only reject those that do not follow these rules
** if the song is dubstep it is welcome even when the queue is closed
I will mod your map within 5 days, please be patient I am often busy. If you do not receive your mod in that time period please PM in game or on the website.
Please send me a PM before you mod my map
Also note that I'm an honest person and will write out my honest opinions (if your map is shit I will say so)

I hope you have a fabulous day
2 slots open, M4M https://osu.ppy.sh/s/630822
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/630945 I hope I did that right
The BPM is more accurately 82.5 instead of 100. Change the BPM and resnap all notes. The mods I'll make from here on out are under the assumption that you have fixed the BPM.


Tick rate to 1

00:10:807 (3) - 00:34:080 (3) - That's a 2b map right there.

00:46:807 (1) - Spinner starts before the slider ends.

All sliders need to be readjusted to end on a beat or half beat.

00:24:807 (2) - Should be closer to the end of the slider and the following singles should be proportionally distanced as well.


Use 1/4 spacing only.

Every note should be fixed onto a beat or half beat.

Keep spacing constant if the tempo is the same and the spacing between sounds is the same. Use the distance snap option to cover spacing consistency.

I see that you were trying to make a slower rendition of the 7* Freedom Dive with regards to structure, but even out the spacing and smooth out the "streams" and it'll be better.

00:17:480 (1) - 00:04:880 (1) - 00:28:130 (1) - 00:40:730 (1) - You will have to adjust your sliders' timing to start at the beginning of a beat or half beat, while adjusting its length to end on a beat or half beat.

Spinner should start on second to last measure and end on the first beat of the last measure.
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