Shoji Meguro - Let Butterflies Spread Until The Dawn

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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Went over some stuff, major timing changes. PM me if you ever need anything help! Also you still have a free mod from me, pm for that too

18:48 Rabbitt: yo I uh tried to mod your map the "I know" one (just to let you know)
18:54 Ora: thanks! I'll get to your map
18:54 Rabbitt: WOW THANK YOU
18:54 *Ora is listening to [ Shoji Meguro - Let Butterflies Spread Until The Dawn]
18:54 Ora: correct?
18:55 Rabbitt: yeah
18:56 Ora: just for future reference, its better to have a complete set before you start asking for mods
18:56 Ora: idk if u saw my reply to you on my post
18:56 Ora: i'll still mod tho dont worry
18:56 Rabbitt: what do you mean by complete set?
18:57 Ora: like a full spread of difficulties
18:57 Rabbitt: zooh
18:57 Ora: modders usually prefer this because it means the mapper is more serious about going for ranking
18:57 Ora: and that it's complete and ready for mods on all diffs
18:58 Rabbitt: so I should make another difficulty like a normal one?
18:58 Ora: the ideal set is to have a normal, hard, and insane
18:58 Ora: easy only if you really want one
18:59 Ora: and you want to try and keep a logical distance in star rating between each difficulty
19:00 Rabbitt: I've been mapping for around two months now but I've only started just now to see if I could get any of these ranked
19:01 Ora: ahh I see
19:01 Ora: do you mind if we do an IRC mod?
19:01 Rabbitt: IRC?
19:01 Ora: yeah I just do the mod in chat here
19:01 Rabbitt: all these terms I gotta learn oh boy
19:01 Rabbitt: oh yeah sure
19:02 Ora: yeah I think it will be easier because there's some major issues with your map we need to go over
19:02 Rabbitt: oh boy alright
19:02 Ora: sadly you'll probably end up having to remap some
19:02 Rabbitt: yeah that's fine
19:02 Ora: so the timing of your map is pretty off
19:03 Rabbitt: how off?
19:03 Ora: and you have a lot of red points that are not needed
19:03 Ora: im gonna check now :^)
19:04 Ora: by the sound of it you will only need 1 red point
19:04 Ora: there's no multi timing
19:05 Ora: so delete all of your points except 1
19:05 Rabbitt: wait
19:05 Ora: and I'm going to tell you the BPM and offset
19:05 Ora: k
19:05 Rabbitt: now I'm confused
19:06 Ora: do you know how to find BPM?
19:06 Ora: of a song
19:06 Rabbitt: yeah
19:07 Ora: yeah so your bpm was off by about 3
19:07 Ora: it's 160
19:07 Rabbitt: damn
19:07 Rabbitt: I had it at 160 originally
19:07 Ora: D:
19:07 Ora: and the song only needs 1 timing point
19:07 Rabbitt: but I thought it felt wrong
19:08 Ora: the offset you got was really close
19:09 Ora: actually its pretty spot on
19:10 Ora: it looks like you wanted to use green points (inheriting ponts) but instead used timing points
19:10 Ora: which is a nono
19:10 Ora: if you want to change slider velocity, add in a kiai time, or whatever, you need to use inheriting points
19:11 Rabbitt: alright
19:13 Ora: also, your original SV that you have on the Insane diff is 0.8sv, on the timing tab
19:13 Ora: that's fine, but if you're going to do that you might aswell just map at half time
19:13 Ora: which would be 80BPM
19:14 Ora: and keep the SV around 1.7
19:14 Ora: 1.6-1.8 is really common for insane difficulties
19:14 Rabbitt: so the slider velocity should be a 1.7?
19:15 Rabbitt: wait no
19:15 Ora: personally I would use that
19:15 Ora: anything below 1 SV is only common for Easy/Normal diffs
19:15 Rabbitt: oh okay
19:16 Ora: if you want, search for a ranked map that you already have downloaded with similar BPM
19:16 Ora: and compare the SV that they use
19:16 Rabbitt: oh boy changing the slider velocity also changes all the sliders
19:17 Ora: yup which is why I mentioned u will probably have to remap D:
19:17 Ora: sadly
19:17 Rabbitt: ah okay
19:17 Ora: the BPM did most of the changing to your sliders
19:17 Ora: tbh
19:17 Ora: if you want to keep similar patterns
19:17 Ora: just resnap the sliders to the ticks on the timeline
19:18 Rabbitt: so just redo the sliders?
19:19 Ora: so you see 00:02:179 (3) -
19:19 Ora: if you want to keep the same pattern
19:19 Ora: at the top just drag it to the right so it starts on the white tick
19:19 Ora: and then on the object
19:19 Ora: drag the tail so the tail ends on 00:02:554 -
19:25 Rabbitt: okay
19:25 Ora: is it starting to sound better?
19:26 Rabbitt: yeah
19:26 Rabbitt: I didn't really notice it
19:26 Ora: it sucks that you'll have to remap some but its good that I caught you before you did more
19:26 Ora: and luckily its a short song
19:27 Ora: if you want, you can tell me when the map is complete and I can give u a good mod
19:27 Rabbitt: thanks
19:27 Rabbitt: you have saved my life :D
19:28 Ora: when I started mapping I was doing the same
19:28 Ora: we have all been there so dont worry too much :^)
19:28 Rabbitt: thanks a lot
19:29 Ora: In the future if you ever need help with timing a song, just shoot me a PM or try to ask people in #modhelp
19:29 Ora: its always better to get 2nd opinions on timing
19:29 Ora: before u start mapping
19:29 Ora: I still do it sometimes
19:30 Rabbitt: I'll do that next time and like seriously thank you for saving me before I did too much work on this
19:30 Ora: ^^
19:56 Rabbitt: so while I'm mapping this
19:56 Rabbitt: It doesn't sound right
20:05 Rabbitt: I don't think 160 is correct..
20:06 Ora: what do you think it is?
20:07 Rabbitt: at 160 the main beat is off by at least half a tick ( I think that's how I'd say it)
20:07 Ora: listen to the metronome in the timing tab
20:07 Ora: as the song plays
20:07 Ora: with 160bpm
20:07 Ora: it fits perfectly tbh
20:08 Rabbitt: wait
20:08 Ora: if you want a second opinion, ask in #modhelp chat
20:08 Rabbitt: offset
20:08 Ora: ohh
20:09 Ora: yeah i'm not good with offset
20:09 Ora: what you have now sounds really close to it
20:09 Ora: it may be off a couple miliseconds
20:09 Rabbitt: it is
20:09 Ora: but I have bad ears
20:09 Ora: if you change the offset it won't force you to remap
20:10 Ora: you will just have to highlight everything
20:10 Ora: ctrl +a
20:10 Ora: and move it on the timeline at the top
20:10 Ora: so it matches with the ticks
20:16 Rabbitt: aaaah I've spent all day working on thisssss my head feels like it is going to explodeeeeee
21:16 Ora: you're doing fine xD take breaks if u need
21:16 Ora: but remember, when you have it done just PM me for a mod
21:16 Rabbitt: maybe I'll remap it some day..
21:17 Rabbitt: (probably the day after tomorrow since tomorrow and the rest of today I'm working on a new map)
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