ryo(supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku - ODDS & ENDS

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[Hatsune Miku]
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年5月6日 at 14:30:17

Artist: ryo(supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku
Title: ODDS & ENDS
Source: 初音ミク -Project DIVA- F
Tags: Vocaloid sky of beginning rhythm video game japanese pop j-pop jpop rock j-rock jrock
BPM: 192
Filesize: 31009kb
Play Time: 05:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. Yume (5.79 stars, 1153 notes)

Download: ryo(supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku - ODDS & ENDS
Download: ryo(supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku - ODDS & ENDS (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

2017/6/22 I really like this song, I won't give up

2021/2/25 I'm back to remap!

thanks Necho for helping me measure the timing


This song is the story of composer ryo and her.

At first, she was not understood by people. She looked like a newborn baby, but she was treated badly.
he found her, she also found him who was treated the same as herself. She has been observing him and wanted to talk to him. But worried that he would hate himself just like everyone else. But she finally summoned the courage and spoke to him.

She said to him: "Please use my voice to shout out your ideas and dreams!"

Even though her voice was broken and hoarse, she tried her best to shout out.
Soon after, he became a man of fame. Be sought after by many people, feel extremely proud. But don’t know when it started, he gradually changed and became more and more indifferent to her.

"I have had enough of mechanically stupid voices, I am who I am!"

Suddenly you scold me like this, hate me.

"You just use the abilities of others to pretend!"

People cursed him so much behind his back. You must be crying somewhere...

"Do you hear this singing? I will destroy that slander. I understand that you are gentler than anyone else"

She has been singing with that broken voice so continuously, never stopping, doing her best Until she stopped working...

But he continued to ignore her.
He began to think about how many memories he and she had created, but now he can't remember any of them. He thought it was just a dream, can't wake up forever, I met you, such a dream...
He also understood that without her, he would not be able to live. He accepted her from his heart. She heard his thoughts and smiled happily. But she gradually stopped working, no matter how he spoke to her, there was no response. He once who had expected such an ending, cried as he shouted, "This must be a lie!" and shed tears of remorse.

"I'm so incompetent... even she can't save"

His memories, together with his tears, soaked his cheeks.

At this moment, the color of the world suddenly changed. he sees things when he looks around has changed. The world changed its perception of him and her and accepted them. In this new world full of singing, this voice will resound for him again, and chant to the distance


(chinese ver.)














In pv, we can see a small robot, which represents ryo.
In Japanese lyrics, there will be a vocabulary of "ガラクタ(ga ra ku ta)", this word represents Hatsune Miku(Which is the small display in the video), which means tattered and garbage.
At the beginning of the video, we can see that the little robot is attracted by the luminous place, that is the encounter between ryo and Hatsune Miku.

From 01:15:344 - on, it means that ryo is attracted by Hatsune Miku, and Hatsune Miku is also observing ryo.
From 01:39:719 - on, the little robot is tinkering with something, as if to make something.
From 01:51:594 - A car carefully built by a small robot for Hatsune Miku. It also means that ryo puts hopes and dreams on Hatsune Miku
Then the little robot kept walking and Hatsune kept singing until ryo became famous.

From 02:45:031 - , we can see that the little robot cares more and more about him surroundings, frightened by the shadow of the huge gears illuminated by the light bulb, and keeps running away. This represents the scene of ryo being scolded, and running away means that ryo wants to escape these insults. want to escape the shackles of ガラクタ, which is the same as machinery(There is a pun here, Indicates that the gear and Hatsune are both machines)

From 03:25:344 - , it corresponds to the lyrics. The little robot gently strokes the display, indicating that ryo actually loves Hatsune very much

From 03:50:969 - , the display started to malfunction. It means that ryo is gradually forgetting Hatsune Miku. This also corresponds to ryo's abandoning of Hatsune Miku for a while and working with another artist, Nagi.

From 04:10:344 - , the little robot starts to charge the little display.It means ryo found that once he loses Hatsune Miku, he cannot survive.In the lyrics analysis here, it was mentioned that the decline of Hatsune Miku was originally ryo's expectation, but he shed tears, indicating that ryo cannot live without Hatsune Miku. This is most likely a true portrayal of ryo.

04:24:094 - starts to play the memories, this is the memories of Hatsune Miku and also the memories of ryo.

Next, pv will enter a climax, and there will be countless ガラクタ floating in the sky, and finally a complete Hatsune Miku will be formed.

04:55:344 - A lot of ガラクタ formed a complete Hatsune Miku, and my personal understanding here is that Hatsune Miku was accepted by the world and became popular. Because this song looks at the past from the current perspective. This is also unified with the dream that ryo expects from the first kiai part of the song, In other words, ryo's dream has come true. Based on this, I set the difficulty name to "Yume", which means dream in Japanese. I also made a corresponding reflection in beatmap. The kiai in the first part is the same as the kiai in the last part. This is really not my laziness, those two parts represent dreams!

At this point, the song has come to an end

Personal testimonial: This song brings me energy and dreams. This is the reason why I like this song and spend so much time commenting on this song. Although my English is not very good, I want to do my best. This is just my understanding of this song, not necessarily the true meaning. Just want Let more people know the existence of this song...

Thank you Hatsune Miku and ryo for bringing us so much joy

Although expectations are slim, but......thank you for taking the time to finish reading ;)

(chinese ver.)
在日语歌词中,有一个词汇“ガラクタ(ga ra ku ta)”,该词代表初音未来(视频中的小显示屏),也有着“破烂不堪、垃圾”的意思。

从01:15:344 - 开始,这意味着ryo被初音未来吸引,并且初音未来也正在观察ryo。

从01:19:719 - 开始,视角突然转变,画面上的歌词反转了过来,也就是说这是初音未来的视角在观察ryo。这段的意思是ryo用初音未来的视角去表达自己的内心。

从01:39:719 - 开始,这个小机器人正在修补某些东西,好像在做些什么。

从01:51:594 - 可以看到这是由小型机器人精心为初音未来打造的小车。这也意味着ryo在初音未来身上寄予了希望和梦想(ryo开始了创作)

从02:45:031 - ,我们可以看到小机器人越来越关心他的周围环境(ryo在关注人们对自己的看法以及评论),被灯泡照亮的巨大齿轮的阴影吓到了,并不断逃跑。这代表了ryo被责骂的场景,逃跑意味着ryo想要逃避这些侮辱。想逃脱与机械相同的“ガラクタ”的枷锁。(这里是一个双关语,表示齿轮和初音都是机器,而ryo被人骂靠着初音未来狐假虎威装模做样,ryo最终无法忍受,声明自己“已经受够了机械般的声音,我就是我!”)

从03:25:344 - ,它对应于歌词。这个小机器人轻轻地抚摸着显示屏,表明ryo的内心实际上非常喜欢初音。

从03:50:969 - 开始,显示器开始出现故障。这意味着ryo逐渐忘记了初音未来。这也对应于ryo放弃了初音未来并与另一位艺术家Nagi合作。

从04:10:3​​44 - 开始,小机器人开始为小显示器充电,这意味着ryo发现一旦失去初音未来,他将无法生存。在这里的歌词分析中,提到初音未来的衰落最初是ryo的期望,但他流下了眼泪,表明ryo发现自己最初的梦想就是寄托在初音未来身上,而如今却想要放弃初音未来。这很可能是ryo的真实写照。

04:24:094 - 开始播放回忆,这是初音未来的回忆,也是ryo本人的回忆。


04:55:344 - 许多ガラクタ组成了完整的初音未来,而我个人的理解是,初音未来已为世界所接受并广受欢迎。因为这首歌是从现在的角度来看过去的。这也与ryo从歌曲的第一个kiai部分期望的梦想统一起来。换句话说,ryo的梦想已经实现。基于此,我将难度名称设置为“Yume”,这在日语中表示“梦、梦想”。我也在beatmap中做出了相应的反映。第一部分中的kiai与最后一部分中的kiai相同。这真的不是我懒,那两个部分代表着梦想!




虽然期望渺茫,但是...也感谢看到这里的你 ;)

やることなすことツイてなくて 挙句に雨に降られ

そこのノラはご苦労様と 足を踏んづけてった

なんにもせずとも遠ざけられて 努力をしてみるけど


ならあたしの声を使えばいいよ 人によっては理解不能で
なんて耳障り ひどい声だって言われるけど

きっと君の力になれる だからあたしを歌わせてみて
そう君の 君だけの言葉でさ

綴って連ねて あたしがその思想(コトバ)を叫ぶから
描いて理想を その思いは誰にも触れさせない

ガラクタの声はそして響く ありのままを不器用に繋いで
目一杯に 大声を上げる

たくさんの人にもてはやされ あたしも鼻が高い

冷たくなって だけど寂しそうだった

「もう機械の声なんてたくさんだ 僕は僕自身なんだよ」って
ついに君は抑えきれなくなって あたしを嫌った

君の後ろで誰かが言う 虎の威を借る狐のくせに!
ねぇ君は 一人で泣いてたんだね

聴こえる?この声 あたしがその誹謗(コトバ)を掻きけすから
わかってる本当は 君が誰より優しいってことを

ガラクタの声はそして歌った 他の誰でもない君のために
軋んでく 限界を超えて

だけど今は何ひとつ思いつかなくて だけどなにもかもわかった

ガラクタは幸せそうな表情(かお)をしたまま どれだけ呼んでももう動かない
望んだはずの結末に君は泣き叫ぶ 嘘だろ嘘だろってそう泣き叫ぶ

想いは涙に ぽつりぽつりとその頬を濡らす

その時世界は 途端にその色を大きく変える
悲しみ喜び 全てを一人とひとつは知った

言葉は歌になりこの世界を 再び駆け巡る君のために
その声に意思を宿して 今思いが響く
This map&song has accompanied my entire youth since 2013, so I am very happy that now I have the ability to make this song a map of my own. I come back to listen to this song every time I feel down, but it makes me cry once every time LOL

Nanami Chiaki


整体上,ctrl + A能看到所有的note都挤在中间,四个边角几乎完全没有用到,说明版面利用率很低(大概)
  1. 00:35:187 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - 前面34都是重音开头轻音结尾的滑条,到6和7这两个折返感觉很别扭
  2. 00:40:030 (12,13,1) - ,00:42:218 (4,5,1) - 这个地方中间都加了个音,00:45:030 (6,7) - 这个地方本一样但是没有音,或者和下面那样加个NC
  3. 00:45:030 (6,7,8,9) - 这四个完全看不出来6是1/1后面789是1/2,或者7直接NC会好一点
  4. 00:57:843 (1,2) - 这个地方是跟的钢琴,但是前面比如00:50:343 (1,2) - 和00:51:593 (5,6) - 又跟的是人声
  5. 01:05:343 (1,2) - 这两个滑条指向也不是一个方向,和后面的01:10:343 (1,2,3) - 对比,感觉前面的是随便放的
  6. 01:27:843 (1,2,3) - 这个地方就是前面说的,还比较平缓的地方,就有这个间距,但是到了kiai,比如02:04:561 (2,3,4) - 以及后面的间距反而比前面小,
  7. 02:07:530 (11,12,13,14,1,2) - 少个NC?类似的地方还有很多
  8. 03:34:093 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - 这个串转圈有点丑,圆滑一点可能更好
  9. 03:42:218 (7,8,9,10) - 这个地方明显的激昂的地方,前面也都是间距比较大的,8和9为啥突然是叠在一起的
  10. 04:35:343 (1) - 这里开始一段全1/1,如果跟钢琴或者跟人声会不会好一点?而且全NC有点怪怪的
  11. 05:19:561 (10) - 这个滑条出界了

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[Hatsune Miku]

Gcc_Chitoge wrote:

lai姐姐超萌! 萌什么的我不知道!


整体上,ctrl + A能看到所有的note都挤在中间,四个边角几乎完全没有用到,说明版面利用率很低(大概)
  1. 00:35:187 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - 前面34都是重音开头轻音结尾的滑条 / 4没有听出重音,不用放置,到6和7这两个折返感觉很别扭 / ok
  2. 00:40:030 (12,13,1) - ,00:42:218 (4,5,1) - 这个地方中间都加了个音 / 感觉需要过渡一下,中间不想去掉,但我会把音量调低,00:45:030 (6,7) - 这个地方本一样但是没有音,或者和下面那样加个NC / 此处跟的钢琴,为了统一后面相同的节奏
  3. 00:45:030 (6,7,8,9) - 这四个完全看不出来6是1/1后面789是1/2,或者7直接NC会好一点 / 已重新排版
  4. 00:57:843 (1,2) - 这个地方是跟的钢琴,但是前面比如00:50:343 (1,2) - 和00:51:593 (5,6) - 又跟的是人声 / 已重新排版
  5. 01:05:343 (1,2) - 这两个滑条指向也不是一个方向,和后面的01:10:343 (1,2,3) - 对比,感觉前面的是随便放的 / ok
  6. 01:27:843 (1,2,3) - 这个地方就是前面说的,还比较平缓的地方,就有这个间距,但是到了kiai,比如02:04:561 (2,3,4) - 以及后面的间距反而比前面小, / ok
  7. 02:07:530 (11,12,13,14,1,2) - 少个NC?类似的地方还有很多 / ok
  8. 03:34:093 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - 这个串转圈有点丑,圆滑一点可能更好 / ok
  9. 03:42:218 (7,8,9,10) - 这个地方明显的激昂的地方,前面也都是间距比较大的,8和9为啥突然是叠在一起的 / 已重新排版
  10. 04:35:343 (1) - 这里开始一段全1/1,如果跟钢琴或者跟人声会不会好一点?而且全NC有点怪怪的 / ok
  11. 05:19:561 (10) - 这个滑条出界了/ ok

From 贴吧
00:51:593 (1,3) - 这里可以放开了,这样贴到不怎么好看
00:57:843 (1,2) - 这里隔了1/1而且有重音不如摆远一点
01:31:593 (5,7) - 同上上
01:48:155 (2,3,4,5,6) - 这串间距没控制好,统一更好看
01:55:655 (2,3,4,5) - 这个梗是没问题的,但是这里的鼓没体现出来,前后间距都挺大的唯独这里小了
02:00:186 (9) - 这个看起来好奇怪啊,要不就叠到8那里要不,要不就拉大点间距把
02:16:593 (1) - 这里开始后面的SV怎么减回来了,我感觉这里跟前面副歌没什么区别啊
02:40:186 (5,1) - 读不清折返箭头是unrank的,折返箭头必须清晰可读
03:10:030 (7,1) - 个人不是很喜欢这种,参考摆法:
03:14:093 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - 这个间距跟第一段副歌差的有点大,建议统一下
03:20:811 (2) - 滑条轨迹不可读,整个滑条被完全遮挡是unrank的
05:05:343 (1,2,3) - 为什么贴这么近啊
05:27:686 (1) - 这个可以换成滑条拉到05:28:468
比如04:27:843 (1,2,3,4) - 这里你前两根滑条跟的是人声吧,后面就变跟鼓了
还有音效,你直接用Drum-hit做clap完全听不出啊,音量感觉也有点小 这个拿去做clap试试
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[Hatsune Miku]

sodarose wrote:

lai姐姐超萌! 萌什么的才不知道!
From 贴吧
现在app的要求是铺面长度达到5分钟而不是曲子长度(如果我没火星的话虽然我住在冥王星时间多点)看Length后面那个drain,现在是4:49。建议把前奏也map了 / OK
00:51:593 (1,3) - 这里可以放开了,这样贴到不怎么好看 / ok
00:57:843 (1,2) - 这里隔了1/1而且有重音不如摆远一点 / ok
01:31:593 (5,7) - 同上上 / ok
01:48:155 (2,3,4,5,6) - 这串间距没控制好,统一更好看 / 已重新排版
01:55:655 (2,3,4,5) - 这个梗是没问题的,但是这里的鼓没体现出来,前后间距都挺大的唯独这里小了 / 已重新排版
02:00:186 (9) - 这个看起来好奇怪啊,要不就叠到8那里要不,要不就拉大点间距把 / ok
02:16:593 (1) - 这里开始后面的SV怎么减回来了,我感觉这里跟前面副歌没什么区别啊 ? SV是什么意思;w;
02:40:186 (5,1) - 读不清折返箭头是unrank的,折返箭头必须清晰可读 / 了解
03:10:030 (7,1) - 个人不是很喜欢这种,参考摆法: / 取用
03:14:093 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - 这个间距跟第一段副歌差的有点大,建议统一下 / ok
03:20:811 (2) - 滑条轨迹不可读,整个滑条被完全遮挡是unrank的 / 了解
05:05:343 (1,2,3) - 为什么贴这么近啊 / 已修改
05:27:686 (1) - 这个可以换成滑条拉到05:28:468 / ok
有些地方跟轨是真的鬼,一下跟人声一下跟鼓,我建议是尽量跟鼓 / 尽量;w;
比如04:27:843 (1,2,3,4) - 这里你前两根滑条跟的是人声吧,后面就变跟鼓了 / 已修改
还有音效,你直接用Drum-hit做clap完全听不出啊,音量感觉也有点小 / 刚学会放自己的音效2333 这个拿去做clap试试 / 感谢
SV是滑条速度。05:05:186 (8) - 这种地方最好保持间距,有些地方保持间距会好很多,02:45:343 (1,2) - 这种贴太近了
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[Hatsune Miku]

sodarose wrote:

SV是滑条速度。05:05:186 (8) - 这种地方最好保持间距,有些地方保持间距会好很多,02:45:343 (1,2) - 这种贴太近了


combo color





整体排列和节奏可以抄那个ranked,diva f 也有好几个不错的排列

offset好像有点偏晚,00:22:843 - 这个地方比较明显能听出来,我这边整体-15ms 左右听上去好一点



00:10:343 - 00:12:843 - 不应该忽略这种重音的音效,一般来说会放whistle

00:27:843 (1) - 这个转盘要多插几个绿线变音量

00:35:186 - 这地方是1/6不是1/4,可以换成1/6折返滑条

00:42:686 - 这个地方怎么突然10%

00:45:343 - 这段全normal 音效耳朵会聋的。。

00:55:811 (3) - 00:55:968 - 这个地方不要空着,有很明显的vocal

00:58:311 - 00:58:936 - 这地方最好能填上否则感觉有点空

01:23:624 (4,5) - 尽量让滑条头落在白线上,除非有比较明显的原因,尤其是这种drum滑条尾,还是比较蛋疼的

01:26:905 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - 这个图形要摆正

01:34:405 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - 这种地方有点乱,这就不太好看

01:39:561 (7) - 这个clap是什么情况

01:43:936 (3,4,5) - 1/2和1/4的间距最好能让人分清楚一点

01:45:655 (2,3,4) - 这变速和finish有点没看懂,感觉没什么必要,因为一个音调什么就直接变速滑条还不如直接糊几个大跳

01:55:186 (1,2,3) - flow不太顺

02:00:186 (9) - nc,因为新的一句歌词都开始了,02:00:343 (1) - 这个不需要nc

02:07:608 (1,1,1,1) - 这里也没必要nc

02:19:014 - 1/2的间距最好能拉的远一点,另外这个绿线好像是不必要的

03:05:811 (2) - 这几个跳摆的有点乱,看着不太好受

03:14:718 (1,2) - 这nc 跟前一段的nc不一样,但是这两个地方实际上好像是差不多的

03:30:343 (1,2,3,4,5) - 这地方节奏没把握好

03:34:718 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1) - 这么可怕的吗

04:43:468 (3) - 这个音效应该跟旁边的几个是一样的

问题挺多的,想要卵壳大概还要时间,文件夹里音效挺多的但是整首歌下来好像没什么音效,连最基本的24拍好像都没怎么有,因为没下音效我很多地方都不知道到底想跟vocal 还是鼓点,然后就是节奏方面的建议好像也因为这个不知道应该怎么讲。。那两三个串间距太大了,这种串和整体难度不是很合,更应该出现在7星图里而不是一个不以串为主体的6星图

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