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Lol i forgot to reply

Zero__wind wrote:

NM from my queue

Red: unrankable issues
Purple: highly recommend to fix

seems fine

00:30:566 - recommended to add a circle here just like how you mapped this blue tick rhythm before with 00:11:566 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - and else I wanted this to have a lower rhythm density than the intro as I did feel it's a bit calmer here. Also didn't want complete copy pasted rhythms for 30 secs
00:35:138 - ^ ^


00:27:566 (1,2) - starting a slider from 00:27:566 - to follow vocal should make the rhythm more consistent and easier for beginners to grab, as you've already been mapping to vocal for the whole part from 00:20:709 (1) - I think it's better to map the drums here since I move on to map the drums heavily with 00:28:281 (3,4) -

call me back

Aeril wrote:


  1. 00:21:423 - i think you should map all these vocals you skipped considering thats what ur mapping this section and it just feels odd Same reasoning as given to Zero Wind (too lazy to copy paste owo)
  2. 00:59:566 (5) - id recommend nc here just cuz its start of new phrase but not really that imporant but if anything id nc 01:04:138 (5) - this because emphasis I don't really believe in NC-ing just for emphasis as it messes up the NC density in the map without a real need therefor screwing up the desired hp. Because the object density is higher here I don't want players getting more hp back than other parts
  3. 01:26:995 (4) - id nc this too for emphasis ^


  1. 00:36:709 (1,2) - id either change this to a 1/4 slider or 00:37:423 (4,5) - this to a 1/2 slider because this part right here is pretty intense clicking wise and i dont think this really deserves it I don't feel it's that hard to play nor the denisty is unjustified.
  2. i like ur normal diffs


  1. 01:09:423 (1,2,3) - if you recreated that pattern before with the overlaps and close spacing would make this part feel more fitting rather than being the exact same as the rest Sorry I don't see what the real problem is, I just wanted to make the chorus mapped with a consistent structure
  2. 01:13:281 (1) - id probably change this to two 1/4 sliders because you cant really hear what your following here well rn I tried that but the 1/2 sliders didn't capture as big of a different feeling than the rest of the kiai so I'm sticking with these :v


Halfslashed wrote:

Year old ticket.

I hate sunshine. same

00:21:423 - I don't see why you're skipping this vocal when you map it over at 00:23:709 -. The player already gets a 2/1 break after 00:21:709 (2) - anyways. Same responce as Aeril (too lazy to copy paste :p )

00:12:852 (1) - Feels really weird to start a repeat here when the repeating vocals start on the red tick like they do. I think you're better off ending 00:12:566 (3) - on a slider then using large 1/2 spacing and starting a 1/2 slider on 00:12:995 -. I did this pretty much based on feeling. All the sliders start on drums and the repeat is an extended duration between drum beats
01:00:566 (2,3) - This overlap felt out of place due to the low amount of cursor motion involved here compared to places like 00:58:281 (2,3) - 01:09:709 (2,3) - I recommend changing this to be more consistent with other similar parts, since this feels like a drop in cursor pacing in play. I was kind of focusing on structure and dynamicness of play. I did think it was cool do this one off and still keep with the composure of the rest of the kiai
01:13:281 (1,2) - These double repeats don't really work too well due to how weak the background synth is here. I recommend using toe 1/2 sliders instead to focus the vocals, since the rest of the instrumentals pretty much died out here. same as Aeril :p

Good luck!

deleted lines = fixed
why making Kisses diff longer than the other diffs? I don't think you have that part at the time I modded your map
tbh, I don't think very last part from 01:33:852 (1) - in Kisses diff adds anything to the entire map, it just feels really redundant and weird to me and the combo colors too
whether from mapping quality or from ranking rules I suggest that you remove the last part 01:33:852 (1) - from Kisses diff, as it's highly recommended to end your own diffs at the same time. taikos are ok to be different from std diffs though

besides, please turn on widescreen support fro Nardo's diff to make it consistent with all the other diffs

I'm fine with the rest
I actually thought it was the end part was the best part of the map too (in terms of composure) O.o

After getting a few opinions I decided to just delete it. I ended the diff with a spinner instead like in dream117er's diff

Turned on widescreen in Nardo's diff too ~

Kin wrote:

SV is bugged on Oni, you can only fix it by using the notepad D:
sorry but it's still not fixed >_>
your current SV on Oni is: SliderMultiplier:1.39999994039535
also, it's sad, but gotta get rid of this sexy BG ;w;

pm back please
map improved 110% by Kin ~
Okay, NSFW bg removed & nothing is broken.
rip satania nipple 2017-2017

Kin wrote:

Okay, NSFW bg removed & nothing is broken.
changed png to jpg >_>
bg img size status: reduced by 99%
nipple status: reduced by 99%
made very slight changes to the map

changed some stream patterns
rip bg
The mapset's hardest difficulty may use an appropriate custom difficulty name, unrelated to a username.
bg reminds of chuunibyou tbh. grats on qualify
as requested
this is a different situation than that rule is intended to prevent, which was stuff like just naming a diff "skystar" or "LKs" or "AHO" instead of an actual difficulty name. since kisses is related to the song, and would be fine if his name was anything else, it should be fine here too.
Can't tell if meme or serious. Diff name is fine.
ok fixed tags ~
ギルティキス was added to tags
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