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Name: Fade (FD)

score multiplier: 12
Type: Difficult increase

->the character starts normal

->when a combo starts the transparency fro
the fruit catcher gets to 75%

->when the combo get to 50 the transparency
it reduces to 50%

->when the combo get to 100 the transparency
it reduces 25%

->when the combo get to 150 the transparency
it reduces to 0%

->every time the player looses the combo the
fruit catcher restores to 100%

->at the same time the character fade the
combo also gets afected
I get that you're trying to take advantage of "catching everything as best you can in the center", but I dont really see this working at all. alot of patterns rely heavily on circle size to be played the way they are intentionally (ex pixel perfect jumps). if you get a mod like hr or ez that affects circle size, naturally the catcher is affected as well to correspond with the gameplay.
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