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[ Lilu ]

I prefer doing m4m c:
So uh, idk how tickets work, but just message me whenever you want a mod <3

Heres my map

only insane diff for now, it'll probably need the most work anyway uwu

NM pls
A depressing song from the visual novel Little Busters! that talks about whether you can believe in the existence of a soulmate, and if you'll ever get to meet them. It's in Japanese. And slow piano is best piano.
Nm pls!
Too much work put into this set, basically a full ver of an anime op with some small theme behind it. The 2 extra diffs's setting are based on 2 characters from the show, with cs5 for Zero and cs3 for yohei (if you've already seen the show), the mapping itself is nothing special since generic anime song and stuff
NM Into Infinity diff
Technical streams/sliders. 2:58 drain time.
tbh I don't know exactly what genre this is... it's just sakuraburst...

Seems like you already have a lot of requests atm, and this map/song is kind of a pain to work with, so I understand if you would rather not.
NM App.
BPM: 168
Song Name: Supercell - My Dearest
the song is a generic tv size animu song (pls dont kill me)
not going for ranked, it's just a practice map so that i can improve (idk if that matters to you)
sry for terrible map xd
Hi there. NM request please.
BPM: 132
Sakura uta - Silver Forest feat. Aki
Although there are 4 diffs, you only need to mod Lunatic Lite. The last difficulty is a lot harder than the star rating implies (imo) in terms of the patterns.

Thanks in advance,
Free Hong Kong
m4m ticket :^) just forum pm me when u need it
I'd like a NM of my 3rd map Bone n Skin - Game of Bones
I'm trying to obtain my own style, it will be similar as the ending part.
hola, nm please

its a cover of a popular song and its jazzy

I don't really know how tickets work so... yeeeah
Its a TV-size with 5 diffs, Scorching ping pong girls opening, Nothing special.

M4M ticket, Just forum PM me when you want a mod.
Hey ~

Song title: Masayoshi Minoshima - Bad Apple!! feat.nomico (Nhato Remix)

It's a remix of probably the most famous touhou song out there, remixed in EDM-style by Nhato for a 10th anniversary CD of the song. Lots of cool rhythms, a false wub drop and a pretty damn tight ending. It's a bit on the long side, but it has a lot of variance :D

NM, request, since I don't have time for M4M due to uni. Feel free to ignore, since it's a long map. :o
Hey! Here's the map I would like you to mod: (NM)
Feel free to mod any difficulty/ies!
It is the opening of "Sakamoto desu ga?", one of my favourite animes and really underweighted imo :P
The genre is rock (the song is great ^^)!
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It's been a nice midsummer day. Going to mod as best as I can, starting tomorrow. Probably going to rely on your descriptions to choose songs. (Never thought one mod queue would get this many requests)
NM request

Song title: In Due Time
BPM: 170
Length: 03:15
Diffs to mod: Redemption

Metalcore, has some streams
M4M request

Song title: 1000-Kai urunda sora
BPM: 182
Length: 5:23 (5:08 drain)
Source: BanG Dream!

very nice a song
i want to rank it very much! :)

Thanks! :)
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Sorry guys. There won't be any mods until Tuesday. Just got my exam results back and I need to retake the physics exam. Need to study now.
Hi :D
NM request
Kind of rhythmical japanese song
my first map got a little hard... yeah... hope its not too much xD

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