_k's weekly osu! tournament (rank change every week) (?v?)

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Hello everyone, I'm glad to introduce you to the _k's Discord server weekly tournament. :3
First of all, I want everyone to know that this was supposed to be a Discord community tournament, but I thought it was a good idea to post it here since I'm doing it every week and I think that everyone should be able to participate. :D
But, before participating, I'd ask you one thing only, and that's to join the Discord server since I update the schelude, mappool and register form there every week. It's more practical and it is supposed to be a community based weekly tournament. >o<


-The tournament rules can change every week. One week it could be a 2v2 totally standard tournament, the next week it could be a 7.5k - 2.5k tournament with only technical maps, it really depends. (But everyone will be able to play, if there are a lot of people, I'll do two tournaments/week)
-As I said, the rank range can change every week.
-The tournament will always START at 20:00 on SATURDAY and could keep going until 0:00 (Belgium time zone, UTC+2 or GMT+2)
-Every tournament is limited to 8 players or 8 teams. May change occasionally.
-You can only be 20 minutes late.
-Breaks are authorized for 5 minutes maximum.
Tournament Informations

-Every match is BO3 except for the finals which is BO5.
-Every tournament is completely streamed. Semi-finals and finals are uploaded on the youtube channel.
-Mappool format may change, but atm we are trying to keep 2 maps for every mod except for nomod which has 4 maps.
-On a freemod pick, you are forced to use HD AND/OR HR. (EXCEPT on tiebreaker, where you can also use nomod)
-There will always be a !roll, the one who wins it will be able to ban first, then his oppponent will ban another map. After this, the one who won the roll will be able to pick the first map, then his opponent will pick the second map.
It will be like this (B means Ban and P means pick, 1 is the team/player that rolled the highest, 2 is the team/player that rolled the lowest):

In a BO5, it will be like this:

-It's a direct elimination.
-If more than 8 people register, they can replace someone that doesn't show up.
-I'll try to release the register form and mappool as soon as possible every week, please be patient.
-HD is authorized in nomod maps ONLY if your oponnent is ok with it. (This is not possible with HR.)
-The tiebreaker is freemod (with the possibility of nomod).
-The register form is released on the Discord channel in #tourneyupdates along with the mappool.
Prize Pool

I try to give a month of supporter for every winner of the tournament, but sometimes I won't able to give one. I'm sorry for this. Sometimes I will try to give more for a bigger prize pool. It depends and may change.

I'm doing everything alone so please avoid complaining, it's really hard for me to keep everything going well, but you can give feedback and I'm looking for some referees that actually know how to use the commands !mp and etc. (If you don't really know how to use them I'd be glad to explain it to some of you.)
How to register

If you didnt read below, I'll explain how to register.
You have to join the Discord and wait that I submit the register form and the mappool in the #tourneyupdate, I do it every sunday or monday, depend if I have time.


If I forgot anything, don't be shy to ask, I'm quite dumb and may have forgotten something, but I think that I wrote everything here and on the Discord. >o<
Feel free to contact me also.
Thank you!!!! <3
Lookin sexy ;)
It looks amazing, I hope it will become much more impressive than it is now :)
Great idea! Hope you can keep it up for long ;p
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Thanks! I'll try my best! :3
Nice 1 u have there ^^ try to join but I'm bad anyways. But I hope it will be fun
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As long as you can have fun! It's the first purpose of the tournament! :3
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