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OMG thak you !!!!11
I lost my HD, this saved my life
Thank you!!!
#Updated: 2018-03-23 :3
it downloaded Facebook and put it on my task bar so was opera and advanced pc care that said i have a virus when i don't (anymore) so do not download jdownloader it harms your pc
You can just decrypt them with https://github.com/AyrA/Decrypter

Cyrax wrote:

i Made a winRAR thing of the maps i have bec. i reinstalled osu! again but every time i put my Beatmap Pack in songs folder (After I Extract It) its doesnt show them ffs help pls :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::(:(:(:(:(:(:!::!::!::!:
press f5, it will process the beatmaps folder

Nxshio wrote:

This is really handy for new players. Thanks man, good work!

- Sashiro - wrote:

Just grabbed most Links for the beatmap packs from osu and made an dlc to download all at once!

You will need JDownloader for that
(http://jdownloader.org/ )

Simply download JDownloader, Download the <name>.dlc from my Mega folder, put it with drag & drop in JDownlaoder and start downloading! :3

Links: https://mega.nz/#F!axlWlK4T!sMPBnBi34dXy0AgRTotnYA

Updated: 2018-03-23
Available Packs:
  1. Osu! Beatmap Pack 001 - 100
  2. Osu! Beatmap Pack 101 - 200
  3. Osu! Beatmap Pack 201 - 300
  4. Osu! Beatmap Pack 301 - 400
  5. Osu! Beatmap Pack 401 - 500
  6. Osu! Beatmap Pack 501 - 551
  7. Osu! Beatmap Pack 552 - 626

  8. Osu! Approved Beatmap Pack 1-21

  9. Osu!mania Beatmap Pack 1-39
  10. Osu!mania Beatmap Pack 40 - 46

  11. Osu! Taiko Beatmap Pack 1-18
  12. Osu! Taiko Beatmap Pack 19 - 33

  13. Osu! Catch the Beat Beatmap Pack 1 - 8
  14. Osu! Catch the Beat Beatmap Pack 9 - 12

  15. osu!Spotlights 2017 & 18 (osu!)
  16. osu!Spotlights 2017 & 18 (osu!taiko)
  17. osu!Spotlights 2017 & 18 (osu!catch)
  18. osu!Spotlights 2017 & 18 (osu!mania)

Total Size of all Beatmap Packs: About 120 GB
Osu! Standart only: About 116.5 GB (every pack about 20 GB, the last 2 9 & 11.5 GB)
I love you so much for this work! ♥
Thank you so much!
Do you download as a zip file?
Thank you very much! ! !

I have a BUG... I jumped out of the warning when I opened the game. The Songs folder is abnormal, and the Beatmaps only has about 17,000 left.
I plan to delete all and re-downloads, so it took two days in Osu!Direct

But I didn't expect the frequency of the abnormally Beatmaps downloaded in Osu!Direct to be high.
Ignore this point, the total number of is only about 30,000 or so.
Only half of my impression of 60000

Fortunately, this post really saved me the lazy person lolll

( My English skill is very poor. This post is translation by software, sorry.

8369048 wrote:

You can just decrypt them with https://github.com/AyrA/Decrypter
I just relized that osu extracts zips. I wasted 18 hours downloading and extracking when i can just treat the zip as an osu. Thanks eihher way
Is it only Osu like the gamemode is osu?

KingNarmi wrote:

Is it only Osu like the gamemode is osu?
no jason
#UPDATE 07/01/2019

osu!STD Beatmap Pack #001 - #723
osu!Mania Beatmap Pack #001 - #053
osu!Taiko Beatmap Pack #001 - #046
osu!CTB Beatmap Pack #001 - #018
osu! Loved Beatmap Packs
osu! Spotlights Beatmap Packs (canceled for now)

====== edited =====================================

KingNarmi wrote:

Is it only Osu like the gamemode is osu?
It is for all modes (osu!std, Taiko, Mania, CTB)

Updating it again soon so it contains all recently added packs! :)
Dude... U ARE A LEGEND! Thanks so much <3 :D
[Update: 18.01.2019]
Added all Spotlight packs (one is missing sorry xD i got lost)
Total Size: 27.09 GB
======== Edit ==========

Roni3441 wrote:

Dude... U ARE A LEGEND! Thanks so much <3 :D
Thank you :)
More is coming soon so stay tuned!
thank you <3
Hey thanks for that, no more single link download for me~
Thumbs up, God Gamer
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