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EDIT : I want to delete this thread, but can't lul. So if someone who can do it wanna do it, please do :p
You can use osu!plus. It's a javascript that let's you view highest PP from leaderboard.
I know, but it requires Tampermonkey plus the script and the API key, and only works on Firefox and Chrome. I was talking about an IG feature, which would be simpler, and I don't think that would be hard to make
Not that It would be hard to make, but who really cares about pp other than the top 1 score on the map?
The top score would almost definitely be the highest PP on the map since stuff like extras would be done with HDDT by top players
It wouldnt really change much from the current leaderboards at all since accuracy and what mods you use is what matters when you're trying to pp farm
not really supporting this

_Meep_ wrote:

The top score would almost definitely be the highest PP on the map
what about something like Kuchizuke Diamond? Axarious is 8th on score but 1st on pp, and Angelsim's recent 638pp play isnt even in the top 50. or Remote Control (that map is just a mess)

it would have at least some use for situations like this
There's almost no use of this feature. You want to see the highest PP overall by simply you want to adore their gameplay.
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