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Wasnt loging into a game for like a year or so and now it asks to verify my email, back in the day i remember that i had to open a game client and type something into the chat, but i cant login in the client because it says - verify your email, so no access to the chat. I dont even remember which is my registration email because i registered like 8 years ago, i checked all my emails, new and old and no emails come SO i have sent an email (from my current main email and from my 2 old emails as a proof that those are mine in case account registered to one of them)to the accounts@ppy.sh with all the details i could remember (found that in google) but i get no response.

If anything you need - i payed for a premium like 6-7 years ago, i still have game files from like 2010 and 2015 (songs and replays), and i have videos of my playes uploaded onto my youtube channel.

I have sent you a message from this email - [redacted]

Game asks for email verification, i cant see my email in my profile so i dont know which email i should check, but i get no mail to ANY of my emails.
Email i have sent you a message from is - [redacted] (accounts@ppy.sh )

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

I get no mails so no screenshots right?

osu! version: - latest version
Please be patient. Getting a response from the support team could take a while. There's nothing we could do on the forums to help you.

Also, you should better not share your email publicly like that.
I don't understand the logic of emailing support, then posting on the forums.

Account related issues are not handled on the forum. Wait for a response from support.
Please Guys help me too i cant find the email code where i can found that
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