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Hello, and welcome to the 2 Vs. 2 Mashup tournament. (I have nothing else to say about the name). ((I'm to lazy. This is outdated and will not be updated.
Please check the google docs link under the Tournament Information to see anything else about this))


  1. 2V2 Maximum players on a team: 6. Minimum players on a team: 2.
  2. Two people from each team must be present. If one team member does not appear within 5 minutes, the opposing team will get one point. If a team member does not show up for another 10 minutes, your team immediately forfeits the match.
  3. (this rule takes precedence over the previously stated rule if the circumstances are met) If one team member does not appear for either team within 15 minutes, then the winner will be decided by a random pick OR by the tiebreaker map. (the two players inside the room decide)
  4. Team names must be between three and 16 characters (including spaces)
  5. All players must be in the discord before their match.
  6. Any beatmap that is 10.5 minutes or longer is forbidden for the restriction of time.
  7. Any and all unranked maps are forbidden no matter how long they are.

Tournament Information

  1. All matches are in a 2 Vs. 2 format.
  2. Registration will end on the 20th of August, 2017.
  3. All matches will be announced in the discord 3-10 minutes before the match.
  4. Player substitutions are allowed ONLY with players inside of your team. If the substitution does not come within one minute, refer to Rule #4.
  5. All stages are in Double Elimination format.
  6. During the Group Stage, each pool will be decided on the team's combined rank to prevent a 60K team fighting against a 30K team in the first stages.
  7. Sequence: Group Stage -> Round of 12 -> Individual Winners/Losers brackets -> Grand Finals
  8. Group Stage is Bo5. Round of 12 is Bo7. Individual Winners/Losers brackets is Bo9. Grand Finals is Bo11.
  9. If the winner of the Losers Bracket wins all Bo11 games, then the next match to decide the winner will be on the next day.
  10. Will be using ScoreV1.
  11. Tournament start date: Third Monday after the 32nd team has registered.

Match Format

  1. Once all players have entered the match, the teams will roll.
  2. Lowest roll decides first warm-up match.
  3. Highest roll decides the second warm-up match.
  4. The member on the team that rolled the lowest that did not select the warm-up map will select the third warm-up map.
  5. The member on the team that rolled the highest that did not select the warm-up map will select the final warm-up map.
  6. Follow order above for the actual maps.

Other Match Format Information

  1. You may skip a map selection when it is your turn to pick.
  2. If done during the warm-up maps, it will just go to the next player to select.
  3. If done during the actual match, a map is randomly selected from the map pool for that specific week and the indicated mod is applied (no freemod)


  1. To Be Determined.

30/36 teams registered.

Tournament Staff

Host: zellman01
Co:Host: [c0ry]
Referees: Did4h | Gato2499 | zellman01 | divinereigns
Map Pool: Did4h | Narkeo
Graphic Designers: IamEld3st
Streamers/Commentary: IamEld3st | zellman01
I would be interested on joining this tournament. The TB picks however are rediculous tho.
TB maps should indeed be hard in a way that they are hard to combo, but they also should be hard to fail (if that does make sense).
For example maps like everything will freeze and everlasting message are not really good as TB maps imo, if I were you I would reconsider the TB picks.
You don't have to follow my advice, just wanted to share it with you. Anyway goodluck with the tournament. :D
I am interested in volunteering. Can't lie and say I have had experience in tourney volunteering but I can do my best :)
when is this? next month?
I can be a refferee if you guys need me ;3;
Can I participate please?=
Deleting discord server wasnt a good idea
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