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Nitronic Techno
Hey Everyone,
I creating a page for my Modding page which is placed here for me to check here. Please Follow the rules listed and follow the layout as well to avoid confusion.
Also This is for Std modding as I forgot and someone reminded me.

Modding: [State Mod or M4M (Please make sure you've check the rules listed below)]
Link: [A link to your map, Mod only please state your diff otherwise I assume your highest diff]
Only modding One Diff, If you want all done then you have to Go for M4M. I'm a douche, I don't care .3.
Modding is done in English. Can't do other language sorry.
*Also Map must be under 5* since those I can map [This may change in the future so if you want to post map keep an eye out on this rule]
This mod will also have less priority than those who have M4M since they have done the effort to mod my maps and so I have to look for them first.
Will Mod all diff in the beatmap. However like the star rule in the above section can mod up to 5*, anything above and I won't be as good so be respectful about that.
Modding done in English. like above Duh! .3.
You must mod the map I have set for you guys in this M4M after you post it. I will try to get to you guys first so I sure it won't take the longest then the other mod.
Ticket can be reserve for this section. However it is only reserved for 2 weeks and then you have to post otherwise thank you for the free mod! <3
I will check this forum at least once every week or so. Once I see there is enough map in both queue and there maybe more in one than the other, I will close the queue and try and get through these maps as quickly as possible.
I will mod to the best of my ability and I will give suggestion on what you could do.
Any ticket user must make sure to get their map in the allotted time given.
Question can be asked but not always answered due to that I may not have a good answer yet.
Please allow other people to get their map in, Have 1 map per mod (Unless I said I would like to recheck, this stated in your mod)
Also don't ask for a re-mod unless I stated for it.
Other than that, Have fun Everyone <3
Douche modder, but I guess I'll try.
Modding: NM

Please mod Insane difficulty.
Can you post the specific game mode that you mod on the title or rule?
Map Link :
Insane diff pls
Hey, NM for the Normal diff please!
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