--[cyber.KIN3TIK] OSU STD SKIN [SD/HD]--

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The time and devotion for making this skin must be ridiculous

Even if I can't use this for proper gameplay the skin is really amazing and I'm loving how greatly
detailed the elements are even though there might be some mistakes in it's first release it got better
and you corrected it's mistakes

A massive thank you for making this skin and you now have my respect
I'll be waiting for your other skins if there is actually some coming soon

Have a good day m8 :):):D:D

Also I don't care for the filesize XD
- Loyal Wolf -
Im playing with this skin on 4* and 5* now with HD on and 100% dim background, still very enjoyable, easy to read and hearing the sound respond, hope you can upgrade this skin on other mode as well or public a improvement pack for this skin, love this skin very much
The best skin I've ever seen xD
Thank you very much for this jewel <3 and congratulations for your hard work
Hey! I LOVE your skin, but first impression is way too much for my old laptop so I wanted to download The Third Exhaust just to see if it'll go better on it or even The Second Combustion but download link doesn't work... Um, could you please fix it?
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Currently debating whether I should make an update on this skin or create a new one. What do you guys think?
yo I love this
this skin is so cool :o
Nice Aesthetics
cool idea for a skin and it looks nice, but it's pretty bad gameplay-wise. too distracting

badwolfvi wrote:

Currently debating whether I should make an update on this skin or create a new one. What do you guys think?
make new ones as amazing as this
This skin looks really good! But i sorta hate those faces on the mainmenu screen...
Wtf really lit af ... 🤣
- Loyal Wolf -
Im so get into this skin, the node really good to read when turn HD on, still not found anything else to replace this skin, hope you could upgrade it, still good to play at 4*-6*, and the after hit light effect let me know how good i perform, good to stream tho, easy to read stack node, im just a HD player, practicing at 5*-6*, thanks for the skin
copyright and acces denied :( renew link pls
- Loyal Wolf -
Google Drive link:

The first compression version (with GITS MODS pack) + patch 1.2

i upload this as an alternative link for everyone to enjoy the skin
Have fun :)
About your "make new skin or update this"
If you want to make something new and fresh but with the same style go ahead, but if you will make same lazy song selection you will be better off updating old one
One of the most beautiful osu skin i've' seen here!
Ty a lot for the work!
- Loyal Wolf -
i love this skin so much so i have made a mania skin and catch the beat skin for it

this skin is way to sexy for osu lol just saying btw i like it
- Loyal Wolf -
Here is some of my gameplay on 5 stars with the skin, i have made a little adjustment for it
- Loyal Wolf -
My modded version for this skin has been complete

Its a skin accessories for cyber.KIN3TIK
Include more feature:
- cyber.KIN3TIK for all mode
- Approach Circle Collection
- Followpoint Collection
- Spinner Collection
- Slider Follow Circle Collection
- Score percent now can be set at center of the screen

cyber.KIN3TIK - Mania:

cyber.KIN3TIK - Catch the beat:

cyber.KIN3TIK - Taiko:

Approach Circle Collection

Score percent center

Sliderfollowcircle Unique Animated

Spinner !Hi-Tech+SYNTHESIS style

More information about the modded version in this forum:

The file Optional GITS MOD its not a full skin, You will need to install the skin first, then download the Optional GITS MOD, and extract what feature you like to the skin folder,

Or you can download my full skin version here, it has been install Optional GITS MOD and can work with all mode already so you dont need to download the Optional GITS MOD standalone
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