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The main cause of the "empty" hitsounding was that I was unable to find a chime sound I was completely satisfied with; there are kick and clap hitsounds just fine, though.

Lasse wrote:

00:12:087 - hitsounding in this part is completely inaudible, seems like you forgot green lines after the slidertick thing This was half-intentional because it's audible just fine but sure fixed

00:23:121 - same here, the 20% one after is fine, so probably go for ~15 here
overall hitsounding was pretty disappointing, with parts like 00:34:156 - seeming like you simply forgot to hitsound them

00:07:259 (2) - 00:18:293 (2) - snapping sounds so off on these, seems like it alternates 1/4 and 1/8 snap each time
should also probably mute tails of all these cause adding 1/4 hs rhythm there sounds a bit gross
simplifying snap is probably alright here, but volume thing would be neat, though you didn't simplify other things like 02:38:064 (1) - , so why here
same applies for outro Simplifying a 1/8 or 1/12 snap is much different from having a sliderstart on a 1/3 that is very audible and actually part of the outright melody. I'll psuedo-silence the endings but do nothing else; it's fine.

00:49:328 - actually think this would be better as slidertail, which would also make the thing at 00:49:501 - stand out more due to clicking There is an outright sound there that is being noted; the second time this noise happens it is shorter and there is also a beat at the end of it, so to keep it visually and melodically (is that a word?) consistent, there is an object here.
00:53:984 - now this might be nice as two circles with how much blue tick stand out, maybe something like (just the overall idea) I do not want to do 2-note skipstreams in this map. Those require motions that are counterproductive to the theme of the map and provide unfair and unjustified difficulty spikes.
01:04:846 (1,2,3) - ^, also when this part repeats similarly later at 04:15:363 (3) - and 04:26:397 (3) - ^

03:53:381 (4) - kills you pattern here a bit with how much less this is overlapped than 03:52:001 (3,1,1) - . also adjust 03:54:157 (1) - if you change this Fixed, this is probably like the only thing me and mir missed going over this shit
04:09:156 (2) - is this intentionally ending on 1/8 lol yes, it's also 1/8 00:47:518 (1,2) - here and u didnt even noticed apparently. It fits and plays fine.

04:22:949 (2,1) - this looks so gross why not just This was intended but if people are gonna bitch about it ill just fuckin change itttttttttttt
05:02:777 (1) - forgot the slidertick volume thing here k

map looks fine to me overall, just hitsounding is a bit tilting. even a few whistles would make the hitsounding so much nicer already, or maybe some hihat samples As mentioned, I tried, but wasn't satisfied with what I could find. I'm not even really happy with the current chime but it did the best of the list.

feel free to get it rebubbled after fixing the inaudible clickable objects
I'll see what to do after that though I'd kinda like to see improvement to the very empty hitsounding before qualifying :c

Yoges wrote:

Fucc I'm slow better do this before it gets iconed again.

  1. 00:23:811 (1,2,3) - etc. I'm not sure I get the logic behind the spacing for these. Fuck that I'm not sure I get a lot of the object placement in this map tbh lol. There isn't a crazy amount of logic to begin with. They're intentionally not made into a specific pattern other than groupings of 4.
  2. 00:53:035 (1) - I'd argue the sound on the white tick should be actively mapped with the one on the blue tick as well. The one on the white tick sounds even more prominent than the one on the blue one and the two sounds together create sort of a glitchy rhythm that just isn't expressed well with only one of them being actively mapped. That's.... kind of the point? There is no real beat on the white tick and the glitchy off-beat feeling is the entire point of this rhythm both in the track and in the map
  3. 00:53:639 (2,3) - These ain't real? Listen on 25% playback there's only modulation 00:53:466 - from that sound there aren't any impactful sounds that would make circles appropriate here. 00:53:466 (1) - Extending that to a 3/4 and deleting the circles suits the song much better. There's probably more shit like this but I'm not arsed to check every single one of your rhythms at 25% playback. This is just one that sticks out even at 100% playback. This is more about making the play fit the music than having the map fit the musical notes precisely. Even at 100%, it "feels" like it should be more busy than a plain 3/4 slider over the entire thing. It requires more activity.
  4. 01:03:638 (3,1) - Spacing's so small compared to 00:52:604 (3,4) - Differing set of sounds but they should be using similar concepts imo. The silence after the clap is the major difference. When there's a noise and a clap to map, it becomes part of the pattern. When there's just the clap, the clap takes much more importance and thus the jerking movement plus the sudden pause is what I chose to emphasize that with.
  5. 04:11:742 (3,4,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,3,4) - Nande copy pastE? k?

Lot of the map I can't bring my head around but is consistently like that so I couldn't really find much to complain about.
Also added silent sliderslide since the only times it's actually audible are the long ass holds, and since they inherit the volume of their start rather than the change unless i change the soundset (which would be complicated, convoluted, and a pain in the butt), makes them relatively loud and annoying.
Right, since everything's been addressed and I've checked - it's fine - we can go again.

cool stuff even cooler sb
02:32:087 (1,2,3,4,5) - Considering this section revolves around arcs and switching circular flow, shouldn't you stick with those concepts? I was thinking this would retain that idea.

Unless your intention was to differentiate these drums from the wubs, which would be fine.
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The theme isn't circular flow or arcs in particular, as much as it uses those shapes.
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Doublepost update:

Cryptic made me change the shit i tacked on to make it 5 minutes long to be neater and more clean and i did that by having jako make prettier sliders for me. As part of the qualification process, this requires a rebubble before qualification. Since cryptic is afk until aug 15th, i'll either wait for him or recruit an alternative.

another rebubble
Nao Tomori
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I'm not gonna argue about what constitutes an epilepsy risk; it's just silly and ziin tried enough to make me realize it's not worth the effort. Might as well stick it on the safe side. Updated.
- Frontier -
I wonder why there isn't album name in tags. :?

nvm my bad ;(
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