osu! Vintage Map Tourney 2! Electric boogaloo! [1-50k]

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Welcome to the osu! Vintage Map Tourney 2 !!

Quick Info
  1. This is a 1v1 tournament
  2. This is a osu! standard tourney
  3. It is an international tourney, so any country can register
  4. Minimum rank is 50k unless you can put a good reason in the comments.
  5. every map is from 2009 or 2010
  6. with the exception of 6 maps every map is ar8 or lower
  7. 128 PERSON MAX

Due to the popularity of vintage tourney 1, and a lot of nagging, ITS BACK BABY vintage tourney 2 is here and bigger than ever!

  1. Registrations today [30th may] - now - this was really popular
  2. 1st Round WEDNESDAY 21st JUNE
  3. Every round will take place during an entire week, each new round starting on a Wednesday

    If you can't make any dates, please LET ME KNOW I might be able to ref a match or get someone to ref it on my behalf on a time that more suits you.

Match Info
  1. For every pool, there are 8 nomod, 2 freemod picks and 2 forcemod
  2. For freemod, players can pick any mod, or not run one at all if they prefer
  3. For forcemod, players must pick a mod but NOT SD, NF or SO
  4. The tiebreaker is also freemod and DT can be enabled if both players agree
  5. For every match, there are 4 bans, two for each person for all rounds apart from 1 ban each on the final
  6. 1st round matches are Best of 5, then its best of 7 apart from the final its best of 9
  7. At the start of every match, each player gets 1 warm up that has to be max 4 mins 30s and submitted to
  8. Score v1 will be used for max vintage feel
  9. Match-ups for the first round will be randomly selected. No seeding, just purely random. If there are not enough people to fill the initial bracket, then the higher ranked people will advance to the next tier.
  10. The majority of the matches will be streamed on my twitch, link above.
  11. If one player failed, and doesn't revive by the end of the song, the other player gets the point. If both players fail by the end, then the highest score wins.

  1. 3rd place is 6 Months of supporter
  2. 2nd place is 1 Year of supporter
  3. 1st place is 1 Year of supporter and Profile Badge!!!!

  1. Host, organiser, map pool guy, streamer - mmi-
  2. Commentators Starrodkirby86
  3. Refs - mmi-, LefafeI, Alheak, Yazzehh (aka best ref), djsettle, minorman4| More to be confirmed

Things are subject to change in the next few days but this is most likely going to be the final product

30th - initial post
edit 1 - various spelling errors and ban error
edit 2 - 1st match date change
edit 3 - added yazzehh as reff
edit 4 - added djsettle and minorman4 to tourney staff
edit 5 - added starrodkirby86 to commentator!
Finally it's back!

Prepare your low AR reading skills, and get ready for symmetry and really ugly sliders!
Time for a rematch, Doomsday.

let's go
low ar sucks balls
i dont like ar8
worst fl player
yes pleawse
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Still plenty of spaces left, join while you can!
I'd like to join :)
add me so I can beat people thank u
tfw didn't get in

Let me in please, I waited to long for this!
gilherme boulos

CookEasy wrote:

Let me in please, I waited to long for this!
ok, n1ce, full, gj, rip, thx...
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Sorry it filled up quick, we even have like 15 overflow signups!
wish i noticed this sooner. looked incredibly fun lol. im not even 50k anyway kek rip
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