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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Shino Inuzuka
[6:40 PM] SNO: ok
[6:40 PM] SNO: first of all
[6:40 PM] SNO: 00:03:886 (3) - nothing should land on that white tick
[6:40 PM] SNO: so replace that slider with a note
[6:41 PM] SNO: in fact, it might be better to just make that whole thing a 4 note stream
[6:41 PM] Saku: wait why
[6:41 PM] Saku: im confused
[6:41 PM] SNO: nothing lands on that white tick
[6:41 PM] SNO: this song
[6:41 PM] SNO: follows a syncopated beat
[6:41 PM] SNO: meaning it's strong notes dont land on the strong beat
[6:42 PM] SNO: understand what im saying here?
[6:42 PM] Saku: oh ok
[6:42 PM] Saku: that makes sense
[6:43 PM] SNO: yeah
[6:43 PM] SNO: so
[6:43 PM] SNO: 00:05:497 (1,2,3) -
[6:43 PM] SNO: same with this, probs better as a 4 note stream (nothing on the white tick)
[6:43 PM] Uberzolik: tbh that problem reoccurs literally
[6:43 PM] Uberzolik: everywher
[6:44 PM] Uberzolik: i still feel like you just need to completely revise all of the rythm
[6:44 PM] Uberzolik: rhythm
[6:44 PM] Uberzolik: like just check every pattern and think "what AM I following in this map"(edited)
[6:44 PM] Saku: oh boy
[6:44 PM] Uberzolik: tfw io links his map and then goes afk
[6:44 PM] Uberzolik: smh
[6:45 PM] SNO: ok theres like
[6:45 PM] SNO: a bajillion parts where that happens
[6:45 PM] SNO: so fix them all XD
[6:45 PM] Uberzolik: ya i told u
[6:45 PM] Uberzolik: lmao
[6:45 PM] Saku: hmmm
[6:45 PM] SNO: im not gunna point out every single one
[6:45 PM] Saku: ok
[6:45 PM] Saku: anything else?
[6:45 PM] Saku: besides all those
[6:45 PM] SNO: ok
[6:45 PM] SNO: 00:13:306 (1,2,1,2) - WHAT
[6:46 PM] SNO: ok first the timing is 100% messed up here
[6:46 PM] SNO: but even if you ignore that
[6:46 PM] SNO: the spacing is also messed up
[6:47 PM] SNO: so i hope you know, the thing with spacing is that the farther away the beat is from the last beat, the farther away the circle should be with the last circle
[6:47 PM] IOException: by r8 i meant i'm looking for mods in forum :open_mouth:
[6:47 PM] Uberzolik: i mean not necessarily tho
[6:47 PM] Uberzolik: oh
[6:47 PM] Uberzolik: ill make ful mod then io
[6:47 PM] Uberzolik: but thats kinda scary. . .
[6:47 PM] SNO: but here you have 1, 2, and 3 around the same spacing
[6:47 PM] SNO: while 1 and 2 should really be another double
[6:47 PM] IOException: i need to get troll to make a diff
[6:47 PM] IOException: and look for more easy-normal guest diffs(edited)
[6:48 PM] SNO: ok
[6:48 PM] SNO: 00:17:892 (1) - if you listen, the singer rolls his voice here so it should be a tripple not a double
[6:48 PM] SNO: or a single note
[6:48 PM] SNO: or whatever you have on there
[6:48 PM] IOException: anyone want to make a 4.5* or below guest diff for walk this way (short ver)?
[6:49 PM] SNO: @IOException i can
[6:49 PM] Saku: hang on
[6:49 PM] Uberzolik: i would io if i knew how to map
[6:49 PM] Uberzolik: unlucky
[6:49 PM] SNO: 00:21:117 (15,16) - also, this part. for the song till now, youve been following the singer, but now the singer doesnt sing anything so why are there notes here
[6:50 PM] Saku: oh
[6:50 PM] Saku: at 17:892
[6:50 PM] Saku: i switch to following synth
[6:50 PM] SNO: 00:19:258 (1) - remove this XD or change it to a tripple
[6:51 PM] SNO: no u dont LOL
[6:51 PM] SNO: youre still following the vocals there
[6:52 PM] SNO: 00:23:348 (8) - should be a note, not a slider
[6:52 PM] SNO: 00:28:056 (3,4,5) - make these evenly spaced
[6:53 PM] SNO: honestly im gunna be done worrying about rhythm not because its just so wrong i cant point out every single spot
[6:54 PM] SNO: 00:29:051 (9,10) - also remove these
[6:54 PM] SNO: 00:31:778 (10) - should put this under the slider before it, cus spacing
[6:55 PM] SNO: 00:33:018 (1,1) - the timing between this spinner and the notes before and after are just too cramped. it would be better if you just removed the spinner
[6:55 PM] SNO: 00:35:249 (5) - whats with the pause here. earlier, you had that 4-beat rhythm here so why change it
[6:55 PM] SNO: also you are missing kiai time.
[6:56 PM] Saku: SHITR
[6:56 PM] Saku: i forgot kiai totally
[6:56 PM] Saku: lol
[6:56 PM] SNO: -.-
[6:56 PM] SNO: no comment
[6:56 PM] SNO: also you should add some hitsounds
[6:56 PM] SNO: if you need advising with that, ill be glad to help you but fix the big problems first
[6:56 PM] Saku: where do i get hitsounds
[6:57 PM] SNO: uhh use the normal ones or use custom ones
[6:57 PM] SNO: 00:40:456 (5,6) - spacing. if anything, these should be farther away from the other jumps for emphasis
[6:58 PM] SNO: also whyd u stop here lol
[6:58 PM] Saku: its a "quickie" :wink:
[6:58 PM] Saku: lol
[6:58 PM] Saku: thats all i wanted to map
[6:58 PM] Saku: it is over 30s of drain so
smh f o r m a t t i n g
2017-05-29 05:20 Emilia: i'll give you the time stamps here
2017-05-29 05:20 Emilia: 00:03:762 - ,00:03:514 (6) - vs00:07:480 (1,2) -
2017-05-29 05:21 Emilia: 00:08:719 (6,7) - mapping to synth or vocal here?
2017-05-29 05:21 Emilia: clickbeat should be on important notes
2017-05-29 05:21 Emilia: 00:11:446 (7,8) - 2 synth here, should be 2 short sliders
2017-05-29 05:22 Emilia: 00:15:662 - empty note again
2017-05-29 05:22 Emilia: 00:17:026 - suddenly not mapping synth?
2017-05-29 05:22 Emilia: 00:17:398 - 00:17:646 - missing synths?
2017-05-29 05:22 Emilia: 00:19:134 - vocal here
2017-05-29 05:22 Emilia: 00:19:505 - 00:19:753 - vocal
2017-05-29 05:23 Emilia: 00:20:993 - vocal
2017-05-29 05:23 Emilia: 00:21:117 (10) - theres actually no vocal on here nor major instruments
2017-05-29 05:23 Emilia: 00:21:613 - vocal?
2017-05-29 05:23 Emilia: 00:22:233 - vocal actually on here
2017-05-29 05:23 Emilia: 00:23:596 - vocal?
2017-05-29 05:23 Emilia: 00:24:337 (3,4,5,6) - focus on synth or vocal? cuz you didnt map either fully (synth is 5 note, vocal is 4 note)
2017-05-29 05:24 Emilia: 00:25:329 (9,10) - if you want to focus vocal this shoul dbe mapped on 1/3
2017-05-29 05:24 Emilia: 00:29:547 - vocal?
2017-05-29 05:24 Emilia: 00:30:167 - vocal
2017-05-29 05:24 Emilia: 00:30:415 - vocal
2017-05-29 05:24 Emilia: 00:30:662 (5) - actually no vocal here
2017-05-29 05:24 Emilia: 00:31:778 - strong beat here
2017-05-29 05:25 Emilia: 00:32:150 - 00:32:274 - 00:32:398 - everything here has something on, i think they're mostly vocal
2017-05-29 05:25 Emilia: 00:32:522 - spinner should actualyl start here cuz the cymbal starts from here
2017-05-29 05:25 SakuraKaminari: im still on the first one
2017-05-29 05:25 SakuraKaminari: tbh
2017-05-29 05:25 Emilia: etc.etc.etc.
Icicle Fall
Modded on discord

[9:58 PM] #1 Constellate fan: 00:03:514 - what is this even mapped to
[10:00 PM] #1 Constellate fan: if it's supposed to be mapped to the synth or whatever then you can hear there's an upbeat on the blue tick before it
[10:00 PM] #1 Constellate fan: that you ignore
[10:00 PM] #1 Constellate fan: you should make it a double or something into the slider
[10:01 PM] #1 Constellate fan: like this

[10:01 PM] #1 Constellate fan: and then you have nothing mapped here 00:03:762 -
[10:02 PM] #1 Constellate fan: even though the instrument is just as emphasized on this tick as the ones around it
[10:03 PM] #1 Constellate fan: I guess you could make make this slider last one tick longer 00:03:514 (7) -
[10:04 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but then you'll have to keep that throughout the song I think
[10:04 PM] #1 Constellate fan: since you're still skipping a beat, even though it's in the middle of the slider
[10:05 PM] #1 Constellate fan: also this reads and plays pretty badly 00:05:993 (3) -(edited)

[10:05 PM] #1 Constellate fan: I'd suggest making it something like this instead

[10:06 PM] #1 Constellate fan: since the original one made you full-stop into jump for no reason, in addition to being weird to read(edited)
[10:08 PM] #1 Constellate fan: you don't have to change that though I guess idk
[10:10 PM] Saku: oh boy
[10:10 PM] #1 Constellate fan: something needs to be mapped onto this beat 00:07:853 -
[10:10 PM] Saku: just saw this
[10:10 PM] #1 Constellate fan: :p
[10:10 PM] Saku: hang on
[10:10 PM] #1 Constellate fan: you could make the circle into another short slider
[10:11 PM] #1 Constellate fan: or have a double instead of slider, then go into another slider
[10:11 PM] #1 Constellate fan: something like that, idk
[10:15 PM] #1 Constellate fan: having same spacing as on the 1/2 jumps here doesn't feel right 00:08:843 (6,1) -
[10:15 PM] #1 Constellate fan: it would be fine if the first slider went in other direction
[10:15 PM] #1 Constellate fan: like you want it to feel like there's a new thing starting when there's a big pause like this
[10:16 PM] #1 Constellate fan: so either have bigger spacing, mek the slider not go into next note, or just start again stacked over the previous one
[10:17 PM] #1 Constellate fan: am I making sense :p
[10:17 PM] Saku: yeah
[10:17 PM] #1 Constellate fan: nice
[10:17 PM] #1 Constellate fan: btw tell me if you disagree with something
[10:17 PM] #1 Constellate fan: I'm not a pro xd
[10:17 PM] Saku: oh i didnt agree with first one
[10:17 PM] Saku: everything else i changed
[10:18 PM] Saku: but not all exactly as youve recommended
[10:18 PM] Jeph: I think you should make the whole map a giant slider
[10:18 PM] #1 Constellate fan: ye I was just saying suggestions that came into my head
[10:18 PM] #1 Constellate fan: you can go about it however you want
[10:18 PM] Uberzolik: you shoudl make thew ohle map a spinner
[10:19 PM] #1 Constellate fan: so what were you mapping that first slider to(edited)
[10:20 PM] Saku: actually nothing
[10:20 PM] #1 Constellate fan: hmm
[10:20 PM] Saku: but i thought the beat there sets up well for the next combo
[10:20 PM] Saku: keep going tho :open_mouth:
[10:21 PM] #1 Constellate fan: oh wait there's a drumbeat there
[10:21 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but then you map the last two notes of the synth thing
[10:22 PM] #1 Constellate fan: ok I guess it's fine actually
[10:22 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but I wouldn't put a double after though
[10:22 PM] #1 Constellate fan: cus you're arbitrarily mapping the last two notes of the passage
[10:24 PM] Saku: its to accent the first syllable
[10:24 PM] Saku: idk
[10:25 PM] #1 Constellate fan: what syllable
[10:25 PM] #1 Constellate fan: there is no syllable at 00:03:886 -(edited)
[10:26 PM] #1 Constellate fan: btw if you wanna ignore the synth when there's vocal playing then you don't need to do anything differently on this part 00:07:728 (1) -
[10:27 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but slider would still fit the vocal there tho
[10:28 PM] #1 Constellate fan: listen to this note on 25% 00:13:801 (1) -
[10:28 PM] #1 Constellate fan: literally nothing playing there
[10:28 PM] #1 Constellate fan: not even small drums
[10:29 PM] Uberzolik: should i fall into the temptation of mapping a 1/8 triple
[10:29 PM] Uberzolik: the song is only 137 bpm
[10:29 PM] Saku: hmmm
[10:29 PM] Saku: this is true
[10:29 PM] Uberzolik: but the map is 3.7 stars
[10:29 PM] Uberzolik: :thinking:
[10:30 PM] #1 Constellate fan: actually there is a small drum there
[10:30 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but it's like almost nothing
[10:30 PM] Saku: btw if you wanna ignore the synth when there's vocal playing then you don't need to do anything differently on this part 00:07:728 (1) -
but slider would still fit the vocal there tho

it is a slider
[10:31 PM] #1 Constellate fan: so you changed it
[10:31 PM] #1 Constellate fan: ok
[10:31 PM] Saku: oh shit
[10:31 PM] Saku: let me make changes go life
[10:31 PM] #1 Constellate fan: no it's ok
[10:32 PM] #1 Constellate fan: you could make this go into a triple to have more similar effect like you wanted 00:13:430 (2) -
[10:32 PM] #1 Constellate fan: and it wont seem really out of place like it does currently
[10:32 PM] #1 Constellate fan: like this

[10:32 PM] #1 Constellate fan:

[10:33 PM] #1 Constellate fan: or stacked double into 1/4th jump, but that would be weird diff spike out of nowhere
[10:34 PM] #1 Constellate fan: this is simply timed wrong 00:16:900 (6,7) -
[10:34 PM] #1 Constellate fan: they're one tick too late(edited)
[10:35 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but if you're doing weird stuff like the thing at the beginning on purpose then idk
[10:35 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but I don't like it
[10:35 PM] #1 Constellate fan: seems illogical to me(edited)
[10:36 PM] #1 Constellate fan: a slider would fit better if you're trying to emphasize the weird voice that starts on that tick
[10:36 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but it works I guess
[10:39 PM] #1 Constellate fan: this part is a mess 00:17:892 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) -
[10:39 PM] #1 Constellate fan: it's really cool if you play without sound xd
[10:40 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but you're randomly changing between mapping the instruments and completely ignoring vocals, and only mapping vocals
[10:41 PM] #1 Constellate fan: do you know what I mean on the last thing
[10:43 PM] Saku: i didnt decide beforehand what to map on
[10:43 PM] Saku: it was a mistake
[10:43 PM] Saku: yeah
[10:43 PM] Saku: the loose idea here is
[10:43 PM] Saku: suckie fuckie pop parts: on vocal
[10:43 PM] Saku: other part: on synth
[10:44 PM] Saku: but its executed wrong
[10:44 PM] #1 Constellate fan: ye when that part started I was like "oh, you're mapping instruments here, ok"
[10:44 PM] #1 Constellate fan: then you suddenly started ignoring it
[10:44 PM] #1 Constellate fan: and semi following it
[10:44 PM] #1 Constellate fan: and aaa
[10:45 PM] Saku: yeah
[10:45 PM] Saku: hang on
[10:45 PM] Saku: lemme update changed
[10:45 PM] #1 Constellate fan: are you gonna completely remap or should I mod that part too(edited)
[10:46 PM] #1 Constellate fan: wait you actually did literally the opposite of what I was trying to say here 00:08:843 (7) -
[10:46 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but it kinda works I guess(edited)
[10:47 PM] #1 Constellate fan: it's a bit strange though
[10:47 PM] #1 Constellate fan: I mean for the first slider to go in other direction
[10:48 PM] #1 Constellate fan: so htat when you go to the next note after long break it doesn't just feel like it continues on
[10:48 PM] #1 Constellate fan: with same flow direction etc
[10:50 PM] Saku: i boosted jumps
[10:50 PM] Saku: but yeah
[10:50 PM] Saku: ill reverse
[10:50 PM] #1 Constellate fan: ok nice
[10:50 PM] #1 Constellate fan: wut

[10:50 PM] #1 Constellate fan: no comment
[10:50 PM] Uberzolik: what the
[10:51 PM] Saku: just try playing it
[10:51 PM] Saku: that part
[10:51 PM] Saku: i didnt think it worked
[10:51 PM] Saku: till i played that part
[10:51 PM] #1 Constellate fan: no
[10:52 PM] Arutsuki: that looks cool tho
[10:52 PM] Arutsuki: dont kill creativity :
[10:52 PM] Arutsuki: v
[10:52 PM] #1 Constellate fan: dude
[10:52 PM] #1 Constellate fan: this is the rhythm on it @Arutsuki

[10:52 PM] #1 Constellate fan: just no
[10:52 PM] #1 Constellate fan: it's not back and forth like it looks
[10:53 PM] Arutsuki: ah
[10:53 PM] Arutsuki: I thought the 7 would be on the blue tick
[10:53 PM] Arutsuki: you could stack 7 and 6 tho
[10:53 PM] Arutsuki: that would work for that rhythm
[10:54 PM] #1 Constellate fan: that would be a lot better
[10:54 PM] #1 Constellate fan: I'd still do differntly though but idk
[10:54 PM] Saku: if you listen
[10:54 PM] Saku: it makes sense
[10:55 PM] Saku: the synth does a triple
[10:55 PM] Saku: da da dun
[10:55 PM] Arutsuki: or stack with 4 could work too I guess
[10:55 PM] Saku: then the next beat doesnt immediately follow
[10:55 PM] #1 Constellate fan: I know
[10:55 PM] #1 Constellate fan: that's exactly why it doesn't work
[10:55 PM] #1 Constellate fan: ..
[10:55 PM] Arutsuki: but yeah as long as you have a good reason to keep it then keep it
[10:55 PM] #1 Constellate fan: aaaaaaaa
[10:55 PM] #1 Constellate fan: moving on..
[10:56 PM] #1 Constellate fan: this should be a quad 00:26:076 (1,2,3) -
[10:56 PM] #1 Constellate fan: one more note at the start
[10:56 PM] #1 Constellate fan: oh wait
[10:56 PM] #1 Constellate fan: not if you're mapping instruments only
[10:56 PM] #1 Constellate fan: mb
[10:56 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but even then you might as well do that
[10:57 PM] #1 Constellate fan: since vocals are really upfront
[10:57 PM] #1 Constellate fan: or not upfron t but like acdcentuated
[10:57 PM] #1 Constellate fan: whatever the word is
[10:58 PM] Saku: im mapping the up and down
[10:58 PM] Saku: of the synth
[10:58 PM] Saku: the da da da, da da dun
[10:58 PM] #1 Constellate fan: yea I figured
[10:58 PM] #1 Constellate fan: but as I said even then that should be a quad
[10:58 PM] Saku: fuck the vocals
[10:59 PM] Saku: not their turn
[10:59 PM] Saku: he can scream for all i care
[10:59 PM] Saku: ive now mostly fixed the inconsistency
[10:59 PM] Saku: i dont think another is a good idea
[10:59 PM] #1 Constellate fan: there's a small pause with no sounds, then you don't map the first strong sound at all, but only the one that is 1/4th behind it
[10:59 PM] #1 Constellate fan: bad mapping imo, even if focusing on instruments
[11:01 PM] Saku: im gonna disagree with this one
[11:01 PM] #1 Constellate fan: this is a pretty huge diff spike out of nowhere
[11:01 PM] #1 Constellate fan: considering it's really low sr map
[11:02 PM] #1 Constellate fan: 00:28:056 (3,4,5,6,7,8) -
[11:03 PM] #1 Constellate fan: omg ioexception is here
Hey, from my queue :3

00:04:010 - There needs to be a note, really strong and important kick on that one. I suggest to make a triple along with 00:03:762 (2,3) -

00:05:249 - Also a note, it feels very empty with gaps like this ;/

00:05:993 - Man you skip a lot of music

00:07:233 - ^

00:07:480 (1,2) - Again no note on big white 1/1 tick

00:09:216 - Another gap

00:09:588 (1,2) - Now you even skip the beggining of the sound, you miss notes on 00:09:464 - and 00:09:960 -

Okay not mentioning gaps anymore, you know where you should add more notes

Well, you need to map way more and mod a lot to improve your skill, overall good luck.
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