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Zekira wrote:

It's like the asian version of Lesjuh, really. I'm not surprised.
Uhm, I'm not sure about that...
I don't think I've ever seen Lesjuh using hidden, and Cookiezi seems to use it almost as if it made no difference to him.
I wasn't talking about the mods used :<

Well after mastering sightreading I don't see much difference in Hidden and non-Hidden too and I'm not even that good of a player (anymore), maybe Lesjuh probably just doesn't wanna use it.

SuperMaay wrote:

I don't think I've ever seen Lesjuh using hidden, and Cookiezi seems to use it almost as if it made no difference to him.
There is almost no difference for me using Hidden or non-Hidden except a few 100s and then a couple maps (like this one) need some memorization. The only major exception is combining Hidden with Flashlight.
And why do you think you feel no difference? You've used hidden so much that you've got quite pro at it.
However, when you first started using it, I believe you would always fail at seeing a stacked/overlapped note (fits your One example) and therefore miss.

I think you could associate the hidden mod to your mouse/tablet sensitivity - once you get used to it, it's quite cool. On the other hand, you can't complete hard jumps if you're not well known with your mouse/tablet sensitivity. Hopefully you get what I mean.
Do note that Lybydose can actually first-play-FC maps using Hidden.

Sometimes I do even feel that non-Hidden is actually becoming more of a hindrance than putting on Hidden. Something about the approach circles just seem to make much of a difference.

The main reason why we don't feel much of a difference is because in sightreading, you don't actually look at the approach circles anymore.

Zekira wrote:

Do note that Lybydose can actually first-play-FC maps using Hidden.
That's not what I meant. I meant when he first started using hidden generally, not on his first attempt at a map. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I don't really think he would have any problem at FCing most maps with hidden on his first try now a days.

Also, take into account Cookiezi's 2nd video. With DT + HID on, what's the fading time for the circles? 0,2s? You can barely blink without failing to see a note.
length which you can see object isn't problem.(0.1sec is still enough long)
How many you need to memorize and your rhythm sense = most important for this kind of mod.

The limit you can memorize in your register on your brain is usually 5-6.
So about osu, none won't meet problem to memorize on hidden.

dNextGen wrote:


He even has links to his other profile.... -______-
Now that is some loldaring right there.
#7 12,925,190 100.00% StereoNaut 726 584 / 0 / 0 107 0 0 None
#26 7,632,902 100.00% StereoNaut 673 452 / 0 / 0 91 0 0 None
8 plays - nomico - Bad Apple!! [Hard]
6 plays - Masayoshi Minoshima ft. nomico - Bad Apple!! [Lunatic]
so. :roll: cheater?
He is still not banned? OMG AUTOKEY FTW

Player Kanopu

Insane, Rank #1 , 1/8 slider (149 BPM 2X = 300 BPM) he got SS this stream, with calm and without problems

I have other 10-12 replay to report, if you want

All osu is reporting him from months and months, and anyone banned him, this topic is useless? D:

EDIT : I asked Kanopu for a streaming video or a video of gameplay, he said me no, without a reason D:


player Firesword

spin hack again
here's a fresh one. A multi, I think...
Yep :D
Joined 1 day ago and already S'ing Insane maps?
Yeah, that's the main account.

Here's the link in kwsk_'s profile which mentions kwsk.

KRZY wrote:

So, you think you've shitted bricks before?

Then behold, for I bring Cookiezi playing osu! in real life.

You'll be relieved if you don't shit the intestines out of you. -> Aurora 2 [KIRBY Mix] -> Love-colored Dream [Dream] +Hidden +DoubleTime

Make sure you turn up your volumes.

Finally some proof, and that truly is god tier. I accept that he's not a cheater now.

Zetta wrote:

Natteke wrote:

Everyone knows Cookie doesn't cheat, it's just newer people that can't accept he's better than them. It happens a lot.
I was one of the people who thought he was cheating and I joined in 2008, so that is a huge generalization. I didn't base my suspicions on that he was better than me, I based my suspicions on the insane replays that no one else has been able to do before. But now that there's proof, I can rest my case.
Gomo Psivarh

#1 ravand

He has been reported for several times and he is still cheating with the rediculous hexagonal spinning.
Arctic Cress
Two people with score combos higher than the song has, in taiko mode., ddrddr125 with 451/381 combos.

and, mikanshuukei with 98/78 combos.

both scores should be removed.
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