Jeir's moddin q(also for CTB)

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Welcome to my Modding queue xd

Welp for new mappers if you want a mod from me then do so Ingame or PM thx

Also remember to check my last post before requesting~ Also ill randomly pick requests so no promises that i'll mod ur map

If ur map is M2U,NICODE or from Deemo in general its gunna be my top priority to mod both STD and CTB

Dont give me 7* shitmaps xd
Im open to any genre of music but if I dont like the song then yeah
If the map you're requesting is from Cardfight!! Vanguard or Love live then 99% chance will accept the mod request
S P E C I A L R U L E: If you send me a Kurumi Tokisaki or Eli Ayase pic then 69696969% will accpet your mod!
D O N T G I V E M E P E R F E C T M A P S REEEEEEEEEEE If you want me to put a Nazi mod that is (if possible to do so lol)
Welp if I accept your request prepare to take constructive criticism (you should know that by now lol) also I wont guarantee that my mods are top notch quality since im pretty shit at modding/mapping too xd
If I really like the map I might shoot a star for ya and a fav :wink:
Also I wont guarantee Ill give long mods on lower difficulties sooo yea
DO note that I am little bit new in mapping/modding CTB so please bear with me
Cant mod Overdose diffs atm more specifically 5* maps
If your map is from R3 Music Box kindly pm me instead for the request
You can request me to hitsound(mainly uses defualt hs) you map welp both in std and ctb but e imma just put it here (if ever anyone is interested)

Jeir's M4M
M2U - Myosotis (can be m4m for both ctb and std

Oh yeah almost forgot I'll tell if illl close requests xd soo yea
nm first

do it fegit xd
Normal request please!

Thank you!
NM req then...thanks
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-Aqua wrote:

Heyo! NM request
NM please x (Jeir)

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accepted all requests.closed for my NM slots xd you can continue requesting for the other peeps
Also Tae <3
NM for Neppi but set is waiting on 1 diff (will be done tomorrow or day after)
rosario wknd for neppi
hitsounding mods would be nice :3
nm from neppi/dere (cuz the song is pretty cancerl m a o) big thanks!
Hi, NM please :)

link :

NM please, thank you!
A d r i a n
hi! NM request please
Map: Feint Ft Laura Brehm - We Won't Be Alone
NM request for this one!
thanks in advance!
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Im open bois
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Guess ill accept the 3 NM requests but you can still request to me xd
Hello, NM pls k thx

I guess only Jeir would do this
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